Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Golden Phallus Syndrome

What is it with men who seem to imagine that their cock is made of solid gold? They strut around with the self satisfied air of one who is absolutely *sure* that noone in their vicinity is anywhere close to being good enough for them, even for a one time quickie. Why, their genitals are so pristine and priceless, they're too damned good to even speak to you. They haven't been laid in weeks or months or years, because noone is up to their very high standards.

LMAO!!! Just fine with me, guys. Go give yourselves a hand job!

The ironic part of it is that I'm not even in the market. I could care less if these jerks would have me or not. We just happen to work at the same place. What makes them think they're so fucking irresistable? It's a huge turn off, anyway. They remind me of the emperor showing off his new clothes so proudly.... I'm not buying it.

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