Monday, July 25, 2011

I have nothing to bitch about today. The yard is festooned with the large cones of Pinus monticola, which I have been collecting to draw and to have around simply because I like pine cones, lichens, sea shells, stones and similar objects...

Made a really nice soup last night that my kids are still raving over, telling me I could win a contest with it. It's nice to have fans ;-)

All of the gardens are doing fairly well, considering the kind of fitful on/off attention they've had from me.

And now I'm going to make summer rolls.

I still feel the same way about you, still miss you....but am starting to feel stronger, more grounded, less inclined to put up with bullshit from anyone, more centered and secure in my own identity as opposed to trying to please people and being what they want me to be. Maybe these six months of trauma and grief and angst and general falling apart were what I needed to feel and cry over and finally begin to grow past all the crap that's been smothering me for so long.

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