Monday, June 09, 2014

I will never understand why people who are blessed with social popularity aren't simply content to bask in the glory of having lots of friends/acquaintances. Why, with all that love and attention, isn't it enough? Why do many of them feel the need to misuse this gift via various social headgames/manuevering/cliques, etc? I like to think that if I were popular, I'd befriend the underdogs and behave especially kindly towards other people, especially if I were an extrovert who enjoyed being aroung people. I like to think that I'd be basically the same person I am now, except that I'd be socially savvy, relish human company/energy and have lots of friends. That I'd still be the same doggedly loyal person I am now, only new-shiny-better-improved-loved extra more, that I wouldn't take people for granted.

But maybe it doesn't work that way. Perhaps the primary reason I'm the way that I am is because the friends that I do have are prized, because there aren't many of them. Maybe if I had more friends than time, I'd cherrypick, high grade, and put some of them into fairweather only categories.

If friends were easy and readily available, would I drop everything and make personal sacrifices to go help them with some crisis or emergency, especially if it were one that wouldn't affect me if it went to hell? I like to think that I would, but realistically....maybe at some point triage comes into play. :-/

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