Tuesday, April 03, 2012

They cut my hours at work. Not a lot. Only a little. But I was just barely making ends meet anyway and now....now they aren't going to meet at all, not even close.

And my hair is out of control. I am so tempted to cut it all off. There's no reason to try to look pretty. But...I don't feel like having short hair, for whatever reason, nor can I afford a haircut, so for now, it stays.

I'm so scared. The amount of hours I am going to be working won't cover much more than the gas. Maybe they're trying to induce me to quit. I haven't done anything wrong. I just...am not a shiny star sort of person. Not everyone needs to be a shiny star. The world needs all kinds of people, not only the shiny, sparkly ones. But as with you, it's so hard not to take this as a reflection of my worth or lack of it.

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