Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blue, but I somehow got through another day of work without getting fired. I need to find another job, stat.

Found the paleo blog I had mentioned previously: here

No legumes. Huh. That, I did not know. And I should probably eat more meat. Thinking...what did I eat yesterday? A handful of toasted hazelnuts, a latte, a roasted eggplant, half a dark chocolate bar, an orange, 2 slices of munster cheese, a ginger ale (bad girl! But I was stressed/upset and felt a bit queasy, so it was sort of a pre-emptive ginger ale), guacamole with blue corn chips. I roasted some yams and sweet potatoes but then was too full to eat them after the eggplant...meant to have one for breakfast today but forgot, alas. Yes, that is right- I will eat cold roasted sweet potatoes for breakfast. In fact, truth be told I will eat them in hand right from the skin, sort of like a banana...not when people might be looking though!! If only rutabagas were tasty cold and could be eaten from the skin like that.... green veggies yesterday? Need to find a way to take green veggies with me to town; maybe some salad in a container. The thing is that I don't like lettuce much, so it would have to be spinach, kale and other things...

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