Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nothing eventful. Busy day, too much drama, didn't feel like much of a day off. I am doing better in the life drawing class; used the MP3 player and let my mind fly with the music while I drew. This had much better, less uptight results than usual. There is about one minute of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" that is just superb; when it plays in my head via memory it just repeats that minute or two...screaming, wailing guitars....Being a perseverating sort of person, I don't really get tired of it, particularly since one has to listen to at least 14 minutes of the song before that part. Anyway. The model we had this time (and last week as well) has such graceful hands and a very interesting but somewhat difficult to draw face. She always holds her hands very gracefully, too. Too bad I'm no good at drawing hands yet! Since almost anyone is willing to let you draw their hands or feet without awkwardness, this isn't much of an issue. No idea who we get to draw next week.

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