Sunday, May 06, 2012

Done with the FAFSA. Although my GPA will have come up by taking this class (failed it last spring), I don't know that it will be improved enough to get financial aid again, but it's worth a try. What I should do is to take summer classes. They are cheaper. It is highly tempting to sign up for the same old math class that I can't seem to pass...but without knowing what out situation will be like over the summer, why risk wasting the money? That class requires extensive computer time, which is why I failed it in the fall of 2010...and spring 2011...well, if I didn't pass the Abnormal Psych class, I sure as hell couldn't pass the math class.....

So for the summer, Western Art History...failed that one in 2010 when I couldn't get to college anymore. God, this is depressing to think about...but replacing the F's with A's and B's should not only remedy the situation, albeit gradually, but then I won't have those failing grades haunting me, mocking me, anymore. Depending on what classes I'd need for the 4 year degree, I could Developmental Psychology this summer. That wouldn't replace any bad grades (have never taken it before) but except for Western Art and the math class, there aren't any classes I can take over the summer that would.

I think about my son, some of the accusations he made. I can see now clearly that he was just manipulating, making drama, making stuff up with no thought to what the costs to innocent parties might be. At the time I simply didn't care what he said, it didn't alter my opinion of you. But looking at it from other angles...had his claims been taken seriously, the consequences could have been bad. And then I wonder what on earth he said or will say about me, what he might try next, how he might try to exploit a situation that's already unpleasant enough.

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