Sunday, May 20, 2007

So I'm thinking about possibly just going to work for myself, doing yard work, gardening, minor landscaping, errands and such. I haven't had any bites yet on the several job applications I've distributed, and I *love* working outside, doing yard work. Hey, it's worth a try- it's not like I'm working anywhere else.

Speaking of gardens, a lot of stuff is in bloom now: aquilegia (note- plant more of these from seed, they're very reliable and worthwhile), dicentra (also really nice), violas galore, a single white narcissus (the others have finished already, along with all the tulips), a hellebore, and most excitingly, a kniphofia. This last is also known as "red hot poker plant". I've wanted one for a while because it's both freaky and sexy. The cherry, pear, plum, and apple trees are all blooming or have finished, and I'm worried about them, because I've seen very few bees or other pollinators this year, only the occasional wasps and a lone hummingbird. I've planted food crops as well: 'Chioggia' beets, broccoli (sorry, just the store brand), various tomatoes, red and yellow onions, two concord grape vines, rhubarb, scotch green curled kale....and I think that's all.

I got to go see the goats (the four that are left) tonight and it put me in a better mood. They're not all gone, at least, even if none of the ones that are there were my favorites, they're something, and being with them makes me feel sane again.

Going to bloom soon: sage(the culinary sort), eremurus, roses, peonies, stachys, and alliums (the ornamental sort). After awhile the daylilies should be coming into play along with the irises. I also have a phaleonopsis orchid that I'm quite attached to. I bought it for myself almost two years ago for my birthday, and after it's first round of blooming, I somehow managed to almost kill it and just barely kept it alive for some time. Now it's recovered and is about to bloom. :-) I don't know why orchids seem so precious....

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