Saturday, April 30, 2011

I finally slept, really slept, and dreamed. It felt so good, and I actually feel sane and refreshed for a change.

I think I need to make a real commitment to my art and start working on it on a serious level, or otherwise, just resign myself to struggling along with whatever jobs I can get and hope to do well enough to get paid better at some point. I am still into the whole farming thing, but unless we can get a Camphill Village started in this area (which would be fantastic), or I get rich, or I somehow get over you and fall in love with a guy with land, the simple truth is that I am not going to be able to farm, at least not in the near future. Period.

I have more to say about this topic, but I have a bunch of rocks to unload from my truck before I go off in pursuit of fun this weekend....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Outkast - Git Up, Git Out

Speaking of Chicago and of when I was a teen...I like this song. It reminds me of that. And....though I never, ever get high....I could probably use the advice here... :-P

Chicago - Stay The Night ~Official video!

A video that's actually fun to watch...heh.

I used to love this song as a dad disapproved of it as too sexual. It seemed pretty hard core at the

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So tired of hurting. So tired of pretending to be OK. So tired of trying to move on. Of not being able to sleep soundly. So, so tired of trying to understand and coming up for air with my hands full of questions but never any answers. So tired of not looking people in the eye so they won't see the pain. Of putting on the act. I'm so tired of it. So tired.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thinking.....I guess I felt like you really saw me, like you understood me, really heard me, like I was a real person in your eyes. I should have known better. Things like that don't happen to me. Things like that are for other people. People who are beautiful. People who are socially adept and who have all the right answers at all the right times whether or not the answers are true or sincere.

When am I going to learn?

I looked into your eyes and I saw something there. I saw you and I loved you and I fell into those blue, blue eyes. So blue. Like falling into sky.

I say this all in the past tense.....sigh....but I love you still. If I saw you again, my heart would melt as quickly as ever, leaving me open and aching for the smallest crumb of acknowledgment that I exist, that I matter. I don't learn. My heart is stubborn and it cannot accept the way that you say things have to be. I can't accept the way things are. That you can't even stand to walk past me, to look at me, to drive past me. I cannot conceive of or accept this kind of hatred. People say I have to. I can't. It's not OK. I don't care what anyone says. It is not OK to treat me like this when the only crime I've committed is to let my heart crack like an though I could have stopped it.
Why do some women within a certain circle (liberal, sort of hippie, younger set) make hummy, purring sounds? Is it something that happens when you smoke pot, or is it a mannerism, or do men find it attractive? It's pleasant enough, but I don't know how to respond to it, because these sounds seem to be used in lieu of speech at times. And....I just cannot bring myself to make these sounds as a response. It just isn't me, lol.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

:Whine: I want to play, and there's no one to play with except for my kid. And....the neighbor kid, who's about 8. Between sentences I'm going out and kicking a soccer ball around with him. Which is fun...but...although it sounds mean, sometimes it would be nice to have an adult to play with. lol. Right now I want something active or even rough, but even just to play a game of chess or Boggle or cards or Yahtzee or mancala or whatever once in awhile...geez.

Being a single mother is like having all the responsibilities of being married (except for the part where you have to have sex whether you want to or not) and all the disadvantages of being a bachelor(ette) without most of the perks of either.

Dammit, I wanna play catch or frisbee or that version of football where you knock people down.....grrrrrrr.....I need to get out and have some fun.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have been plagued for some time by my youngest son, Charlie, getting into my art stuff. He empties the little containers of graphite for the mechanical pencils, scribbles with my pastels, breaks my charcoal, dumps out the metallic powders used for special effects, and I just discovered a puddle of misket (expensive!!!) on my art desk. He find my Sharpie markers and draws on the walls (Sharpie is so hard to clean off walls without removing paint!), uses up my tracing paper....etc. I put his crayons in a dishpan, and his coloring books nestle in on top of the crayons, and I shoved that into a cupboard in the kitchen island. When he colors and draws, there is paper all over the kitchen floor to step around, and believe me, he gets upset if I step on or move any of them while I'm cooking or walking around. Worst of all, his coolest drawings get wrecked from being on the floor. Clearly, we have some needs which need to be addressed.

So I cleaned out the desk that used to belong to my eldest son (that was a little hard) and filled the drawers with Charlies art supplies and some of the things of mine that he seemed to really like, such as the soft pastel samples that were on sale at the college for .25 each. He has a flat surface to draw on, a drawer to store his finished work in, hmmmm...he needs a chair. I am hoping to get some butcher paper and just cover the walls of that corner in several layers of it. If it weren't for the sensory issues involved with chalk (I can't stand the stuff), I'd get him a blackboard. Or if I can get one cheaply, a whiteboard... But paper is cheaper anyway.

Hopefully he will have room to work and express himself, because he really does turn out some nice drawings.

I guess that it is still hard for me to accept that my eldest son is gone. Although he was a pain in the ass, and always knew exactly where to drive the knife in and when....he and I shared a very close bond, and I sometimes feel that I've failed him by letting/having him move. I hope that things work out for him where he is....I really, really do. I guess we aren't supposed to get as close to our children as I was to feels like a betrayal to use what was his space for something else.

A truth---> You don't see strong negative emotions or marked reactions unless there has been some kind of equally strong attachment.
Got wheels! Bicycle wheels, that is. :-)

My long term goal is to ride to and from town from where I live (a half hour drive, but about a third or more of that is due to waiting at stoplights). Oh, it felt so good to have the wind in my face and to soar and glide like a bird. I think I just need exercise.

Rihanna - Cry, with lyrics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today...I made..let's see. What did I make?

A bowl (size and shape for cereal or soup)
A bowl with a paper thin feathered edge.
All the components for a teapot- have to assemble it on Monday

And I started on another ugly fish. I'm not happy with it right now, even though it has a mouthful of teeth and I am trying a new type of eye. Need to start constructing the head differently. Right now I cut two fish body shapes from clay and join them together with paper in between to hold the shape. The head is simply a continuation of the body. This is problematic because this means that the head has a seam running from forehead to chin. Then when I cut the mouth, it's even weaker. Smoothing the seam and everything else to try to get an even thickness in the head and inner mouth (which shows, because the mouths gape open) is difficult. Then I have to put the lips onto the cut that is the mouth, being especially careful of the corners. If I insert teeth, there is a tendency for the mouth to tear if I'm not careful. So the head now has a big slice out of it with weight hanging on that cut, a seam intersecting that cut above and below....and then I cut the eye holes, weakening it further...and then I cut the gills.

This give me a head that is basically a continuation of the body. It's just staring straight ahead. Unless I mount it on a platform or hang it, it has to be mounted on a wall like a taxidermied you only see one side of the head, only half of its expression. That bothers me, it's too restrictive.

I am thinking that if I make the head separately from pieces so that the bisecting seam is eliminated and the cut is simply an open section of seam, the head will be stronger and I can turn it towards the viewer. Thsi is what I did with "Ugly", the brown fish below. Hmmm. Thinking...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

test...hmmm. OK, so one of the pictures uploaded. The issue appears to be the internet connection rather than my marginal techy skills (limited to HTML, CSS, making basic websites), which is reassuring... I am wanting to learn how to do this reliably so as to start uploading pictures of the pottery. I think some process pics would be pretty cool.
My body complains that I am really overdoing the caffeine. It is launching a protest. I feel lousy. :sigh: I know better than to drink coffee, and especially in the highly concentrated form and amounts I've been doing. I think I am going to have to go cold turkey instead of decaf. :-(

Friday, April 15, 2011

Elton John - Blue Eyes

OMG...Why am I listening to this? I feel nauseous. Lovely song, bad music choice.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Dreamt that I was asking my landlord about making an herb spiral garden ala Bill Mollison, here. Even though it isn't my place....I have to say that i think ownership of stuff is overrated, although it seems to be a highly esteemed concept in our culture. The garden would be just as beautiful and functional regardless of whether or not it's "mine".

And the stupid thing, and maybe why some people don't like trees especially, is that we really cannot own these things. We die and they live on beyond us. The only way to assert our ownership over them is to cut them down. Ownership is a human concept...and I think probably one that is not shared by all cultures, either.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Led Zeppelin-kashmir...the real video

Robert Plant-Ship of Fools

I have so much work to do...and getting manure for the various gardens (three different sites!) is something I should do now rather than later.

And...want to get a passport so I can go to Canada. Have never been to Canada before.

I am tired of staying home and being dutiful all the time. I want to go out and do things this year. Hike Scotchman's...maybe learn to rock climb...go to the coast without kids (sorry guys!) and sketch and walk/run in the fog and the mist...and I want to get a job, aside from the gardening/farming. Everyone talks about hot springs....I've never been to them. I want to canoe and bicycle and when winter comes, to ski again. To split

Something else: I want to go contra dancing, dammit!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Speaking of naughtiness....

Found stashed in my (now absent) son's bookpile: Erotic Art and Tantric Sex. Not only are these my books, that have a place of their own on my bookshelf, he acted all squeamish about my owning them to begin with!!!

The Tantric book isn't much good anyway. It's one of those DK books that has a lot of nice photos without really giving you much real information. Such as: when the Kama Sutra talks about the "box" position, what the hell are they talking about? I mean, even some stick figure drawings would be useful.

Males are weird.
Got a lot of work done in ceramics class. Well, wait.....not a *lot* of work...I finished my hatchetfish, only to realize, after I got back to Sandpoint, that I forgot the dangling thingamabob on his head. LOL...oh well. I thought it looked kind of....phallic, anyway. :-P

And teapots!!!!! Let me tell you, I will never again look at a teapot in the same way after seeing one made. That bulbous spout taking shape on the wheel, has to be pointing at just the right angle, etc...and pulling the handle looked exactly'm sorry, the whole teapot thing just seems obscene to me anymore.

OK...where was I.....dragging my mind reluctantly out of the gutter....

Oh, right, pottery. I made a coffeecup, handbuilt, a cool vase form with ribbons of 3-D kelp swirling around it, and rolled out slabs of clay to stiffen up a little bit to the leather hard stage, because I have a plan for them. I spent about an hour finishing the fish though, making his teeth *just* right, which included ripping out the first set so that I could make better teeth which were set individually. It looks really good.

Tonight's reading: Gaia's Garden. :-)

kd lang - Sexuality

I deserve to be dealt with honestly, to be spoken to directly and with respect, and to be shown the same amount of consideration any other human being would want.


I don't play head games with people, and I bend over backwards trying to be straight with them. We all have faults and issues, goodness knows I have my own that I struggle with every day....but I am not going to deal with people who cannot or will not do these very modest, very minimal things. I don't think it's a lot to ask.

"I'm Still Standing" by "Elton John"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ugh, I feel all whiny.

:Trying really hard to redirect:

Tomorrow I need to glaze the bisqued pottery and finish the (hmmm, it needs a name) scary loooking fish. I wonder what it would look like if I made a fish that was ummmm, lonely.

It was such a nice overcast day today...and then it decided to hail, which wasn't so nice and made me glad I hadn't planted anything outside yet. Inside, I have chammomile, lettuce, broccoli, kale, and calendulas germinating.

The lady who owns Monarch Mountain liked some of the new stuff I brought in. I thought I would mind selling my work, because a lot of it means stuff to me, but it seems that most of the time, the process of making the stuff gets whatever I am feeling out of my system, so after that, it's like...sort of like a part of the trail that I already walked on. Done with it. Boring.

I made a turtle which is like a turtle shaped box on legs; the upper shell lifts off to reveal the compartment. It's fairly large, about 12" long and 8-9" high...I don't know how wide. I think I am going to stick with fish for the most part though, because I am still refining technique on them, getting smoother seams, fewer body wrinkles, better lips, more expressive eyes, fins that are delicate without breaking off, etc. Besides, there are so many kinds of fish, and they have such wonderfully expressive faces. I just took out two library books- Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest and The Intertidal Wilderness. I wanted one with deep sea fish, but it was checked out.

And I checked out a few Melissa Etheridge CDs, which probably wasn't the best choice. I need something else, something different. Robert Plant?

Melissa Etheridge - Kiss Me (lyrics)

Sleepy. Want to go back to bed.....--->drink coffee.

Trying to come up with a mental itinerary for the day. Town (PT, carrot juice and jerky, possibly walk/hike because I am sore from the last one, having been out of practice. Car insurance. Need more grow lights, but don't want to spend $. Um....oh yes. Yokes. Monarch Mountain.) Groan....that's a lot of running around already. OK, well....such is life.

Here: Clean, get rid of stuff. I have too much stuff. Just realized that I can fit another dishpan full of seedlings under the grow light I have if I position them the right way. Homework. Need to at least think about planting the is time!

What else....I need more music from the library. OH.. that's son has a book checked out that is overdue (momentarily snapped out of the morning I-want-to-fall-back-into-the-bed haze).

Alright.....i am not going to feel very energetic just sitting here...heh.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Like this one, except the one I made isn't half as think personable isn't exactly the word I was looking for...lmao....

Happy happy happy.... Had a great time in ceramics class. There was a ton of newly fired glazed stuff, of which I am only keeping 2 pieces and selling or giving away the rest...Oh, wait. That isn't true! I am not counting the fish. Ah yes, the fish...the fish. There is a student art show, and the two best fish, "Ugly" and "Sea Bass" have been entered for consideration by the jury who selects which pieces make it into the show. The other two, a female salmon and a...hell, I don't know, maybe a sunfish???, are in the display case, along with a rectangular plate with twig impressions. In other words, I didn't bring home any fish even though all four of them were fired. I am keeping an ermine and one of the mistake bowls with the rippled rim. They never look like mistakes, and this one is especially nice. :-)

Then I made a large (no specific type) fish, and got most of the way through making one of those vicious deep sea fish with the hatchet face (I think they're called hatchetfish) and scary teeth...and...class was over too soon. It was a good day.

Now I have to price the stuff that is going to Monarch Mountain because my supply there is running low, and at least one of the pieces that's left has been sitting there for a few months, so it needs to be pulled.
OK....I have played around all day....been the most relaxing day in some time...but now it's time to go home. The sky is overcast with ominous looking dark clouds and they are beautiful in the twilight. :-)

Gonna cook a nice steak and clean the house...and generate ideas for pottery class tomorrow, maybe.

I think that maybe all I needed was a day of solitude and NO responsibility for a change. :-P

Sunday, April 03, 2011


I never post stuff like this...but it is totally worth the time it takes to load. SO cool!

Mickinnick trail is entirely different when it isn't covered in snow and ice. I hate to have to say it, but it's sort of boring now. On the other hand, I had a decent time. It was definitely worth doing...maybe not on a Sunday again though...I had to keep passing people. I need a new trail and to start doing serious hikes. And or----> to get another bicycle (yes!!!) and start bicycling again.

As if I'll have time for any of that once the growing season gets underway...hahahahahaha...... :shrug:...I'll make time. :-)

I feel so much better after running around outside, it's almost silly. Heh.