Sunday, January 29, 2012

I think I am going to have to see a doctor about my back. There is a serious disconnect between the expectations of other people and what my body is able to do without pain. Makes me feel wimpy. :-/

Found: the pattern that I adapted for my bird quilt; I'll adapt it again (the same way) and make another block. I might even make a number of them, since there are still some of the fabrics used in the first quilt. I could make my son another one...but it will never be the same as the one I sewed while he churned in my belly and I dreamt of what he might be like. From now on I am going to document the quilts, sign them indelibly (as opposed to a sewn on label), and keep a much closer eye on them!

Still culling and occasionally upgrading my too-copious stuff. I'm tired of moving possessions that don't actually mean anything to me or that I'm not even sure I like or will ever wear. I have to move by June. No, I have no idea. Seriously. NO idea of where we will be moving to. I cannot make enough money to pay rent without losing my health care and I have to have that health care.


I'm not sure what the answers are for my feelings about you, either. The wise man that I talked to on Friday told me this: that I second guess myself too much. That a little bit of self critique and second guessing is OK, but once I come to a conclusion or decision, I shouldn't keep second guessing it at every turn. He also says that no matter what other people say, I'm not delusional, that I'm not the fool they all say I am. He's the only one who ever says this.

I don't know.

In a way it doesn't matter, because there are things that I have to do. There's so much to do. I have to gather myself back together and stay the fuck away from her and keep her away from me. I have to be more careful, whatever state I'm in. I can't afford to crumble and I can't afford to be truthful and lying is avoidance will have to be the modus operandi from now on. I'll never respect her again.

But it does matter...because if I close that door, my heart will turn to stone. All of me, stone. I can't say that I'd never, ever be with anyone else, but they'd never get close to that vulnerable part of me. And in truth, no one else ever has and I'm so scared, I feel so fragile.
I just made contact with a lady who buys, repairs and sells used spinning wheels and shears sheep down in California. She has luster longwool breeds and also sells fiber! And she knew Donald Smith of Sodium Oaks fame (this is the herd my bloodlines were based on when I had dairy goats) personally!

I get to meet her in person next weekend. It sounds like she has a variety of spinning wheels available. I'm so excited and happy about this! :-)
Ugh!! Why such a strong need to justify my existence?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here is something fascinating: Behavioral Ecology

And...I want to read Darwin's On the Origin of Species

Bioethics is interesting too.
I cannot adequately convey how much it hurts me to have failed as a biology major. I love science and its orderly ways, taxonomy in particular. It never occurred to me that I might not be able to make the cut to be a botanist. I had actually wanted to go to medical school. Oh, that seems laughable now. I think that partly I wanted to redeem myself in the eyes of my family, but also blood and guts interest the hell out of me. Gory as it may sound, I've always wanted to participate in a human dissection.

Sigh....I guess that sounds kind of sick. It's only that the human body and how it works is so beautiful...especially the bones.

Plants are my passion, but even so, the idea of being a botanist was always sort of second best. Not being able to do either is just sort of painful. Realizing that most people don't expect much from a mother with Asperger's and six kids anyway isn't much of a consolation. It hurts. I am intelligent. I hate it when people talk down to me, particularly when it's apparent that they're not that bright themselves. And my family...god, I don't even know what to tell them anymore. If it weren't for the math, and particularly the math involved in chemistry, I could probably have done well enough. My grades in the other science classes were good in spite of the long commute, parenting, etc. But "ifs" don't matter.

I might be able to go into scientific illustration. Botanical illustration for example...but there are hundreds of people who are better at this than I am. I love bones....they're so beautiful. I could draw bones.

But...would it pay, that is the question.

I could get EMT or paramedic training and possibly work my way up to the P.A. program in Spokane. Yeah, right....

Phlebotomy is interesting but doesn't pay well. The CNA--> LPN--> RN route is probably not viable due to the social skills required. The psych field is rapidly losing its appeal; however this is still an option. Not sure what's involved in forensic botany or forensic anthropology....probably math....and probably there are no job opportunities anywhere nearby for this. I loved working in the library. I could get a library science degree. I never tire of books and the categorization involved delights me. I wonder if public libraries give their employees health insurance. An additional plus to this idea is that working in libraries does not exhaust or deplete me mentally or emotionally as other jobs have. It is quiet, soothing, restorative work.

Huh. That might be my best bet. :-/
I suppose it will come off as a misplaced sense of priorities, but I would really like to get involved in some kind of charity work.

Such as, for example, making weighted blankets for kids who are on the autism spectrum or who have other sensory issues. These blankets are so expensive to buy, relatively easy to make and they make a world of difference for the children who need them. I hear of people who need them and cannot afford one on a regular basis...or people who think a weighted blanket might help their child but who cannot afford to shell out $200 without being certain if it would make a difference or not. Therefore, it might also be nice to have loaner blankets that people could borrow for a few weeks.

I don't think I could do it by myself. I'd need help. The fabric could be gotten easily and cheaply; the weighted poly beads are the biggest expense.

Good things:

I found a Pendleton wool suit, gray flannel, that fits me perfectly, at a thrift store yesterday. It cost a whopping $7.50. It is a jacket/skirt set. I had no skirts that weren't tie-dye, mini or for it's nice to have one that's more respectable/dressy.

I found out that some of my quilting fabric was still stored at the house of my children's father! I haven't lived there for about 8 wonder I haven't seen it for a while. I haven't looked through this stuff yet, but one of the boxes was of white, black and white prints and black fabric. It is very good to have found this.

I still have the dye that I bought to dye the wool before I found out that it's mostly for cotton. I have 2 yards of white fabric, a bunch of white T shirts to tie-dye, and hopefully there will be some more white fabric in this box which can also be dyed. Dyeing is so much fun. :-)

I need to dye the white fabric for the Storm at Sea quilt. There was no fabric in the colors of blue that I wanted at Ben Franklin. I need very pale blue, blue the shade of a winter sky on a sunny day and darker, more intense blues.

Being able to go to the gym alone yesterday was so incredibly nice. I need to start working out instead of frequenting the hot tub exclusively. I guess I am terribly self conscious about other people watching me go through movements, possibly ungracefully or ineptly. :-/ It would be good to overcome this and get the exercise....

Looking at Aubrey Beardsley's work this morning...he was so gifted.

Also, the artist friend (Hurley Dean) gave my son and I each a digital camera so that I can start uploading pictures of my work to Fine Art America. He says that they're outdated, worth only $5 on Ebay. For me though, having a functional digital camera to use instead of my cell phone is invaluable.
I was beginning to feel like I was finally emerging from the quagmire of self loathing and guilt , pain, etc. And now she wants to throw me back into that whole feeling guilty about my feelings trip?

Wow, thanks. Yeah, empathy. "All the empathy in the world", my ass. Or did you forget- I'm autistic. That feel good crap flies right into a brick wall when it gets thrown my way and it insults me. I loathe insincerity and thinly veiled self interest.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I was OK with my body hurting (like I said, dissociation), but I really did not need to have scabs ripped off my inner wounds.


I am trying. So hard. Not to let this bother me.

And god help me if my child ever takes off with one of my sketchbooks. :-/

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bob Dylan's "Sooner or Later" is playing here at Starbucks. ahhh...loving it. Forgot how much I like his music.

Thinking about my eldest son...realized that the one and only time I have seen him truly and wholly remorseful for something he did was when I enacted an unusual punishment. He'd been "playing" David and Goliath with his little brother and hit him in the head with a rock. I don't remember if there was blood or not, but I was pretty upset and he didn't seem very sorry even though his brother was crying and obviously hurt. I made him sit at the kitchen table and draw a picture of what he'd done; he started protesting but I told him that he wasn't getting up until he'd drawn a complete rendering of the event. By the time he was done with the picture he was sobbing, really upset, said he hadn't meant to actually injure Nathan. When I let him get up, he ran to his brother, hugged him and apologized all over the place. I've never seen him as sorry as he was that day.

What was it about that punishment that was so effective?

I never inflicted it on him again; maybe I should have...I don't know.
Fell on the ice yesterday morning and it didn't hurt so much at the time, but today has been a little more noticeable. It's certainly made me more careful.

And. Hmm...I don't know how to say it. I'm feeling better, a little bit at a time and I have decided to stay away from things that trigger childhood/early adulthood issues for now. Until I can cope with them, there isn't a lot of point in it. Things like animal cruelty, child abuse, freaky religions that subjugate women....there will be time for me to deal with this stuff once I learn the grounding techniques for coping with it. It's not that I'm denying it, but why rub my own nose in things that I know will hurt me?

Also: the longer I'm alone, the more it is sinking in and really penetrating: my body, life and time belong to me. Choices about what to do with these things are not anyone else's to make. If someone tries to act in a manner that is not consistent with that, I do not need to feel guilty or obligated. End of story.

This is such a relief to realize.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art critic and fellow artist likes my fish (the one on display at Kokanee Coffee) and wants to know how many more I have! :-D

When I told him that the main obstacle to producing more is the lack of affordable firing space, he and another artist mentioned a guy around here who has a huge kiln that he used to let people fire stuff in.....That sounds promising. Apparently the man still has the kiln but they don't know if he is still renting out kiln space. If I could fire the fish, I could start making them again. Even on a part time basis, I could probably make one every other day at least and still have new ideas. This is so encouraging...between the lack of cash, transportation issues and work schedule, I had pretty much given up on the pottery class at college, where I could fire as much stuff as I can produce. Finding an available and local kiln would make all the difference in the world.
Good news: I found the Hidden Circles quilt! If the camera were still working on my cell phone, I'd post a pic here. So happy to find that I still have it.

Bad news: upon awakening I remembered, very vividly, yet another hand-pieced, hand-quilted quilt that I made for my daughter. This one was done in red and white, with little red squares. Going through the fabric has awakened all sorts of memories of the things I made. And he claims he doesn't have them. That was not a reassuring answer. :-(

I will go through everything I have, to ensure that I haven't overlooked them. If I have, I will owe the man a big apology....but I haven't seen any of these quilts since I lived there.

Other than's been a good day. I'm so happy that you're in this world. :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

I don't know why, but baking makes me feel better. :-)

Never found a picture of the swallows quilt pattern, but here is Hidden Circles, one of the others that I am missing, except mine was more interesting because instead of white, the lighter areas were pale tie-dyed fabric. See all those pointy little triangles? It doesn't look like it, but there are hundred of them and they were a pain in the neck to cut out, keep separate from one another (they aren't all the same and using the wrong triangle in the wrong place screws things up) and piece. That was a lot of work. Grrrrr..... I am really hoping that when I go through the boxes in my closet yet again, I'll find it. It is only a quilt top; it doesn't have the batting or backing yet, because I hadn't decided on how to finish the border. See how the one in the picture looks as if the colored shapes are floating on white? If the border is colored, the same as the fabrics in the center, then the white melon shaped pieces appear to float on top of the color and it's as if you are looking through a lattice of these curved shapes to a deeper, more interesting layer beneath. If I ever find it or get it back, I'll post comparison pics to illustrate what I'm talking about.....
I think of the emails that I wrote and those hurt me almost as much as the one that I received. It's not smart to react and write something that can't be taken back. I was so scared...and I guess I thought that the solution was to try to pull the hook out if I could. I knew it would hurt, but I thought it would be like ripping the corner of my mouth open. Somehow I missed that I'd swallowed that hook so deeply that there's no way to get it out without ripping me apart. I knew that I loved you more than anyone before you (after is unfathomable), but I didn't know that my every breath would become a silent plea, an unspoken ache.

I had no idea.
I should make a list of all the career ideas I've entertained in the past 5 years and then see which ones are actually feasible. I don't know exactly what I want to do (that's actually possible) but I don't want it to be a lifelong job of washing dishes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I just realized today that the guy I left almost 2 years ago either has or got rid of the beautiful bird quilt that I made for my youngest child while I was pregnant with him. I worked on that quilt during my lunch breaks, 15 minute breaks, in little bits of time because I worked full time during that pregnancy. It's made completely by hand, with curved piecing, from a pattern I made by adapting it from a pattern with four birds meeting in the center of each block. I'd link to a picture of this type of pattern, but it is uncommon and hardly ever seen. I loved that quilt, wasn't done with it, and it belongs to my son.

People always say, "it's just stuff, let it go, get over it". But you know if it was their quilt that they'd labored over for hours and days and years until holes were worn through the skin of their fingertips and that thing was sewn full of memories, love, etc...they wouldn't say that. They can only say that because it isn't theirs. So I think it's sort of callous and thoughtless of them.

I was upset about the biggest and nicest quilt already, the one I started when Daniel Haugen was dying of cancer. I'd poured so much love and pain into it and that quilt was a real masterpiece. It took me over ten years (not of continuous work obviously) to finish it. It's beautiful, wherever it is. But because you've eclipsed him, I was able to let it go. I resented the loss of such a beautiful thing but it didn't have as much hold on me.

The bird quilt however...and the others (at least one other, possibly several!!)'s no longer an incident where one quilt, wrapped in a pillowcase for safekeeping, could have been mistaken for a pillow. No, he kept a number of my quilts. That's purposeful. He says that everything that was mine is legally his now, despite repeated requests for him to return it. I ask you (all): if I stole something, claimed I didn't have it for over a year and just refused to return it and then announced it was mine once the year was past, would that seem OK to anyone? That's stealing, regardless of time. If he kept it and then threw it away or gave it away, that's still wrong. A decent person doesn't do such things.

I want my quilts back. Every single one of them. If they're gone I want to know where they went and how so I can track them down and do what I can to get them back.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrift store: I found a k.d. lang CD I didn't have yet (Torch and Twang), a flower-embroidered white-on-white shirt that feels like it was made for me and a purse. Yeah, a purse. It is all leather and apparently similar purses by the same designer sell for about $350. I just liked it because it is well made, not synthetic and has an elegantly simple and understated look...nice clean lines with no foo-foo stuff. It is still um...(cough)...a purse...but we'll overlook that for the time being. I haven't carried an actual purse since I was a teen in Chicago.

When we got home, I traced and cut out the Storm at Sea quilt pattern templates. I'm a bit upset with Paula Nadelstern (the book that had the pattern is one of her earlier ones) because she seems to have been set on making extra, needless, idiotic work. Tell me, please: why should I cut out and sew together 4 right angled triangles to make one square if I can simply cut out on square? Similarly, there are four long diamonds in each block. She has the templates designed so that you have to cut out eight isosceles triangles and join the short sides of 2 triangles to make a diamond that could have been cut out as a whole diamond rather than two triangles. I see this sort of thing all the time in quilting books and publications and it drives me nuts. My time is worth enough to me that I am not going to make something take three times longer than it has to unless there is a good reason for it. Anyway, I fixed the templates to rectify this flaw and will now need to make a sample block to ensure that my version is accurate.

Sigh. There was a time (only about 18 months ago) when I was thinking of majoring in art so I could go into textile design, either designing fabric or things such as quilt patterns. That seems so long ago and far away now. And the thing is, I could have done that. If my kid hadn't stolen my gas money. If I hadn't failed nearly all of my fall classes as a result. And I guess that if I were to move closer to the college, I still could take those classes over again...but really, what would be the point? I can't move unless I want to abandon kids, which I don't.

I suppose that I could freelance it from where I'm at. I was doing that eight years ago, designing patterns for a quilter/businesswoman's book that she was going to publish.

Today probably isn't a good time to think about it though...I am so tired. I dug out all my blue fabric. I am going to make the most beautiful quilt....

I know this is a repost...but am posting it again because it says it better than my lame words ever could.
Blue. Went to sleep in a good mood and my dog woke me up because she wanted to go outside. After she was appeased, I laid back down in the dark...and the words of that email crept into my mind and cracked me open again. Cried myself back to sleep, woke up still raw and aching.

Locking the effing dog out of my room tonight.

Friday, January 20, 2012

There will always be someone smarter, more successful, more attractive, more articulate, more talented in whatever area I want to be the best in. There's always someone better, someone brighter. But...there will never be another person just like me. I can't be someone I am not and in chasing after trying to be what I "should" be, would I be neglecting the exploration and expression of who I really am?
More IQ testing today. While driving home I realized the correct answers for two of the questions that I got wrong.

I'm so afraid the testing will show that I'm less intelligent. I'm not sure what tangible difference this would make in my life....I've already learned long ago that brains alone do not make success in life. Even brains + willpower and determination don't make for success. It is not going to matter if the number goes down a little.

Ugh!! :-/

I need reassurance and there isn't any and then I ask myself why I feel like I need external reassurance anyway?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This was a good day. :-)

I was thinking about the saying that nobody else can make you unhappy unless you give them permission to do so. I don't exactly agree with that. If a woman has been raped, it would be cruel to say that she is only unhappy and traumatized because she has chosen to be or because she is allowing the rapist to make her unhappy. If your partner has physically abused you, said incredibly cruel things to you or cheated on you,'s a little much to say that someone in that position would not be unhappy unless they were choosing to be.

On the other hand, I do think that there can be an element of personal choice involved. The woman who was raped can take steps towards healing the trauma and seeking justice. The abused partner can leave their partner and learn how to have a healthy, non-abusive relationship. The party who's been cheated on can either end it or hash it out and decide whether the love between them is enough to get through and past the cheating.

But what I was thinking today was that if this principle of only being unhappy if one chooses to be is true (and as I wrote above I don't accept it in this very simplistic form but I do think there is an element of truth here), then it follows that one must learn to be happy themselves. Another person can't make you happy unless you're already capable of being happy by your own volition.

For example: I once worked with a girl who was in a dysfunctional relationship with a married man. He had been her lover, her first and only lover, before he'd gotten married in a mail order sort of arranged marriage to his wife from the country he'd come from. My friend said that he still loved her...and I have to admit that he looked incredibly sad and wistful when he watched her. I don't know what the answer was to this was miserable and she cried all the time for him. Every now and then she'd get together with him and then she'd come to work really happy.

It turned out that not only was her her only lover, he was the only source of sexual satisfaction for her! (sorry, I just cannot think of a more polite way to put that). So she was going without, totally and thoroughly frustrated, for months at a time. I just couldn't imagine. That seemed nonsensical to me. So one day I said,
"Look, have you ever considered that you don't need a guy in order to not be frustrated?"
She just stared at me. And then she looked grossed out and said,
"You myself? Oh, no. No. I could never do that. That's disgusting."

I felt really sad for her- that her own body grossed her out, that she thought a married man was her only possible source of satisfaction and that he had been her only source of information about her own sexuality. I can't even imagine. And then to think about what sort of pressure that would put him under!!

So, this is a long post but back to the original thought...I think that instead of crying for what isn't, etc...I should focus more energy on being intrinsically happy and fulfilled. Maybe that's where I've gone wrong in the past. Goodness knows that there are lots of interesting things in this world to enjoy and to savor.

If I'm alone, it isn't because I'm a failure or inherently unlovable or ugly or not good enough or any of that crap. It's because I choose to be, because I am not ready right now and because I cannot be with the person that I love. And as I know so well, there are much, much worse things in this world than being alone. So...this is OK, I can make this work and I can choose to be happy and fulfilled from where I am right now. :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That thing I was all stressed out over apparently is not a concern. I will still be extremely careful. And I am still a little paranoid about it. :-/
Um, wow! The teacher copied part of my answer to her question to share with the entire class. (blush) A little embarrassing, but I'd be lying if I said that didn't feel good.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am so stressed. It all seems so insurmountable and beyond hope sometimes. People say that I'm so smart that I can do whatever I want...they don't understand that brains aren't everything. I feel so useless, so powerless in the face of circumstances.

But I stop and think of you, of a thousand fleeting memories, of things that I loved about you. And somehow that makes me feel stronger. Makes no sense, but it's true.

I don't even know if you like me. Maybe you dread the sight of me. Maybe I'll never know one way or the other. Still the thought of you is like a fire within me that warms me when I feel so cold, so afraid, so unsure. I think of you and breathe...and I take another step.
Afraid. I don't know if I can trust my new therapist, or how far. And I am so tired of normal people telling me to simply stop thinking about whatever it is they think I am thinking too much about. Hey folks, get a clue- I am not really able to stop thinking about something. It's part of being on the autism spectrum. You may be able to, but please accept that I cannot. I can divert myself, can put myself in an environment that will distract my mind, but I cannot simply close a door on a train of thought or on a particular subject.

All I can say is that it has become obvious to me that I am not going to be able to talk to her about the thing which hurts me most. She will be very helpful regarding side issues which tie into that and she is probably the ideal choice for working through the trauma stuff. But as for the heart of the matter, no.

(edited to add)- How much am I going to be able to accomplish with someone that I don't know if I can trust?? Trust is one of those essential things for me. :-/

Sunday, January 15, 2012

And...tomorrow is scheduled to be a logistical I should go to bed.
I am so frustrated!! That so-called loom that I tried to make doesn't work and it isn't going to work unless I want to spend HOURS separating strands of warp yarn that should be easily separated by the heddle and shed. I don't know where I went wrong but it is just not going to work. Now I have to decide whether I want to use the dowels to make an inkle loom or just wind my yarn up again and get some much needed practice knitting. A knitted scarf sounds so boring. I could bite off another big piece of trying to do something I don't know how to and attempt to learn how to knit cables....realistically there is no other way to learn this stuff other than trying.


And the fleece is drying with crispy yellow tips on the locks. Yeah, crispy. One never thinks of wool as crispy but that is the only way to describe it. I think it needs to be washed and rinsed again. At least I did not felt it in the process of washing it! One can always rewash fleece whereas unfelting wool is impossible.

After checking out a bunch of quilting books that should have had the Storm at Sea pattern and did not, I finally located one that looking in the index and table of contents of each and every book until I found one that had it. This is a classic pattern! I can't believe how hard it was to find...with the advent of rotary cutters, quilters are tending not to make quilts which require cutting pieces out by hand or angles that are tricky to make neatly on a sewing machine. I will be doing it all by it won't matter to me anyway.

So anyway...after all that enthusiasm, I am feeling a bit unproductive and inadequately skilled. :-(
I don't like Freud. He was an asshole who made excuses for sexual predators and put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the victims. Unfortunately, he did have some worthwhile ideas so he can't be discounted entirely.
Made a very simple loom and warped it with the yarn I was talking about before...the stuff I want to make a scarf out of. I attached the heddle loops and stick too...just need to put the shed stick in and then I can get to weaving but my limbs were going numb from sitting in front of it on the floor. Once I get it all set up I'll probably go at it until it's all done.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Homework: the question was, "what is normal or abnormal? How does an individual's culture influence what is abnormal?"

Now, I think that there are some things which are crazy and wrong regardless of culture, such as subjecting children to scarification or circumcision (of either gender)...but...that wasn't really the question, was it?

So I said:
Distinguishing between what is normal and what is not is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. One of the principal problems is that there is no clearly defined line betwen the two; abnormality is a continuum such that one would be hard pressed to find a perfectly normal individual with whom to compare others. We grow up thinking that the differences are black and white or that they can be sorted on a line graph from abnormal to normal. A better visual model might be one of a spherical area in which a perfectly normal person would be in the dead center of the sphere and extremely dysfunctional, abnormal people would be on the periphery. Some of us might be a little closer to the center of the sphere than others, but most of us would land somewhere in between. The most wonderful thing is that none of us are ever in exactly the same spot; we are all unique and so each of us has a slightly different perspective on life and reality.

Still, it is necessary to identify warning signs that a person might need help. The three hallmark features of a mental disorder, as defined by the DSM IV are:
  • Subjective and present distress
  • The ability to functionin everyday life is impaired
  • The person is at a significantly increased risk of pain, suffering, disability, loss of freedom or even death.

Excluded from these criteria are expectable and culturally sanctioned responses to particular events, atypical sexual, political or religious behavior and conflicts which are primarily between the individual and society. While people with severe mental illness often do not comply with societal mores, laws and values, this alone is not enough to label a person as mentally ill if they are not exhibiting distress, inability to function, etc.

Also relevant is the variance in behavior between cultures. For example, there are cultures in which grief or extreme distress is expressed in a way which looks almost like a seizure or demonic possession to the outside observer, but it is understood by the others present that the person is not physically ill, etc even though they may be writhing around on the ground. If this occurred in the U.S. the response from onlookers would be very different!

I am really bad at concluding a paper or essay neatly. :-/ It is so nice to be back in school though- believe it or not, I really like this sort of thing!
I am so worried about my kids and I'm so limited in what I can do. That's frustrating. I can only try to do the best I can to the extent possible...and to try to become a more functional person so that I can really be here for them.

Friday, January 13, 2012

It was still dirty after the first washing so rather than rinse it I opted to give it more time in a batch of fresh soapy water. The first round of wash water had turned a deep brown (yuck) and the fleece...I had thought it was shades of beige and off white, but it is turning this lovely white with gray shading! I guess the beige was just the dirt!


Sometimes I feel so vulnerable, so fragile, and I hate feeling like that. And yet....I guess that one has to be vulnerable in order to feel close to someone. You can't have one without the other. And never have I felt this open, like a turtle without a shell. It scares me......but. I can't help it. I have to choose the fear, the defenselessness because if I choose the shell, the armor, I don't know if I'll ever be truly happy again. I'd never have the guts to risk taking it off again so I'd always be alone no matter who I was with.

I felt so was just...gosh I don't even know how to describe it. It was like coming home- to what home should be- for the first time in my life and feeling perfectly comfortable there.
Washing the Shetland fleece right now. I went to the yarn store to see what laceweight yarn looks like (for that shawl that frankly, I don't have the skill to make yet). It is pretty thin. For what I want to make it will need to be thinner than that stuff. An idea: I could buy that yarn and make a shawl from it, perhaps for my daughter if there isn't enough in one skein for myself, to get the crochet technique down first...if it is crocheted. Maybe it has to be which case I had better practice with regular sized yarn first, starting with that hat that I spun up all that yarn in so many colors for.

The spinning wheel fell through at the last minute, which is odd, because I'd had a dream this morning that it wasn't a good wheel for me to get. Huh.

I never did get to go to the hot tub because I spent about an hour talking to the owner of the yarn shop about fleece, the feasibility of getting local fleece and processing it into dyed roving to sell (via Etsy or other online venues because the locals here are unlikely to pay for it), etc. Then I got a haircut. I am not 100% happy with it but dammit, it was getting so out of control and unkempt! I was able to keep most of the length and once it gets a few inches longer it will be better.
I have come to the conclusion that the song I want was not done by Clannad. Suppose I could get the records of which CDs I checked out from the NIC library...but there are two CDs in hand that I am going to go through first.

And....the pain is gradually evaporating. I still miss you and feel the same but for christ's sake that doesn't mean I have to be in agony about it. Still, I think I am going to avoid the other grocery stores until, say, March. I hate that they have holiday stuff out looooong before its time. They have Easter stuff already- that's just ridiculous. Anyway, found out I can order food in bulk and by the case through my workplace, which reduces impulse purchases somewhat.

Hmmm...lots to do yet time to sit around in the library if I want to get to the hot tub before I pick up my son!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Since I am wantonly spamming my own blog with music's another one. It will take a while to load for those who are on dial-up or have slow connections, but IMHO it's worth it.

An embarrassingly feely song: what can I say? I'm feeling feely today....which I suppose is better than being depressed. :-P

There has got to be a better version of this song where the lady isn't wailing. :-/

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This one is also very, very nice. However, it is not the one that I miss and am looking for.
OK...this is going to drive me nuts until I find it. :-/
I cannot seem to find my favorite Clannad song. Sigh....this one will have to do for now.

Things I have been thinking about making:
  • A quilt. I haven't decided on the design yet. One idea has been to make a Storm at Sea quilt. I've wanted to make one since I started quilting, but the diamonds were challenging to work with for a beginner so I postponed it. I love the optical illusion of curves when only straight lines have been used, a quilt made only with blue and white fabric and that it's a nautical theme. I've never lived by the ocean so I don't know how I can miss and yearn for it, but I do.

  • The other quilt idea is to take all the countries from which my progenitors came and to make a quilt with a square with the national flower from each of these countries. As far as I know this would include England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Philippines, Germany and Spain. There may be others...and that's part of the problem. I am 99% certain of the above countries, but as for the rest, who knows? Also, these add up to 7, and 7 is not a number of square that fits precisely into any rectangular arrangement. I could probably add and eighth block for America. That would make it 2 wide by four long. Or I could just forget the whole silly idea.

  • I have a Shetland fleece and my handspinning skills have developed to the point where I can spin fairly fine yarn. I'd need to be able to spin it even finer to make an Irish lace shawl....and I am pretty sure that my work would not be anywhere close to the caliber of the legendary shawls that were of such fine yarn and lacework that the entire shawl could be passed through a ring....but Shetland wool is the traditional type which was used to make these shawls...and it might be nice to try. Here is some of the work done by a (very talented!!!!) lady who is trying the same thing. I would like to point out however, that she did not spin her own wool, and I will be. ;-)

  • A dress. Ack!!!! What is happening to me?! But I can see this dress in my mind. It has a mid-calf range hem and it laces up from the waist to the bodice. It is tailored and close fitting through the torso with a skirt that is flowing but not poofy-full. It looks sort of like the sort of dress a peasant might wear. I haven't decided yet whether the sleeves are part of the dress or if the dress is worn over a blouse....nor have I decided what sort of fabric to use, but the fabric needs to be understated. I also have to figure out how to construct the garment so that it is sturdy enough to withstand the pull of being laced up, and what the laces will be threaded through. It would not do to use grommets.

  • With the Blue-Faced Leicester yarn that I spun up a few weeks ago: maybe it would be nice to weave a scarf from it? It has a tweedy look that would lend itself well to weaving and not so well to knitting.

  • A felted laptop case/messenger bag. The felt would be heavy and thick, sturdy. I am not sure how to construct the strap. I want to put some kind of an animal or something on the front flap. Haven't decided whether this should be a goat, a salmon, sheep or just leaves. The salmon is kind of personal for me. I am not sure that I want to wear it so publicly on a bag like that.
One of the guys I work with has a mom who makes tapestries...and she is selling her spinning wheel- to me for a very reasonable price, as it turns out! I am jazzed! I'm not sure when I will get it, (the wheel is currently residing in Moscow, Idaho) but I have a lot of fleece to wash and card until then.

Happy dance!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A co-worker has the same name as me and we were discussing our name today....which of course made me think for a while. I've never liked my name, particularly the long version of it. But then...the way you said didn't sound unpleasant anymore. It didn't sound like a dirty word. It sounded nice, and suddenly I didn't mind having it. I'd never heard it sound like that before.

I don't know if I'll ever hear you say my name again.

Monday, January 09, 2012

I don't know if I've posted it before and I'm not in the mood to go digging around in old stuff and risk upsetting myself (ugh! embarrassing!) so am going to post it. If it's a duplicate post, too bad.

Anyway, my dad is a musician and he plays mostly Bach and church music (Lutheran, hymns, etc). I've heard him playing this song since I was able to hear, probably and I love it. I just never get tired of it...but I am hardly ever able to find anyone who plays it in a way that satisfies me, because I'm used to Dad's playing. Other people tend to muddy up the precision of the notes and I hate that! This guy does a very nice job...if only my computer speakers could do it justice.

You're like this song. I never get tired of you. I could listen to you all day long, see you every day, and still you'd be as dear to me as when I first realized that I cared about you.
Class has begun and seems to be off to a promising start. The last time I took this class, the guy wanted us to not disclose anything about our personal life or family history, etc. Do you know how hard it is to discuss a disorder that you are intimately acquainted with, with people who are badly misinformed, without mentioning that you have it or know someone well who does? Well, I couldn't do it. He deleted half of my discussion posts and didn't give me credit for them, even when I tried to follow his petty little rules. Good riddance to him and hello sunshine! to the teacher we have now.

New therapist. I had to do something different.... My first impression is that this is going to end up being very productive once we get over the huge hump of preliminary information/history. And...the techniques here will tie in well with Quaker practice/silence/philosophy.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Outbid on the spinning wheel already. Still don't know whether to keep or drop that class.

On the bright side: I got a *brand* *new* mattress for free yesterday! Brand new! I was not half as excited at the time but after my son and I wrestled it into place on the bed frame, I realized: nobody else has ever had sex on this bed before me! It is pristine! A mattress without baggage or history! LOL..... I realize that this is ridiculous but somehow the idea of a new bed that has never been used by anyone else just thrills me to death. :-P I know, I'm silly....(and maybe a little territorial?).

This is the one by Yoyo Ma that you liked...probably my favorite work by him.

Sigh....there is boring talking after this. If I can replace it with a better one I will. :-/
Currently the high bidder on Ebay on a spinning wheel of the brand I really wanted. I was about to take the plunge on an Ashford Kiwi but after further research....had turned my attention back to Louets, wishing I could afford one...when I found this one for about a third of the price it would cost new. I don't really expect to win this auction, but I am sort of hoping... This is a nicer model than the one I'd been looking at.

Will see...I guess that the worst thing that can happen is that the seller will get a better price than they would have before. It was scandalously low before I bid on it...and is still reasonable. :-P
By the way- I should have mentioned this already since I bitched about her....the girl I had issues with at work- she and I are getting along fine now. I guess it was just the usual hazing that comes along with starting work in a deli environment.

I don't....know...that I will ever trust her completely, but since she is just a co worker it is not a huge issue. It's so nice to be able to work in a more relaxed state.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Doubting myself now. I have no idea how I'm going to be in a month. I'm scared. Taking two classes....and working full internet at my house (unless I'm standing in the laundry room, which I suppose is better than nothing but not entirely tenable, especially for two classes). If I fail one of the classes or fall apart again and fail them both, not only am I not making progress on improving my GPA, not only am I out a LOT of money, I'll actually be in a position that's worse, academically, than the one I'm in now.

On the other hand...summer. I could take the other class during the summer semester, during which I will only have to pay $5 in general student fees. I still have no idea what is going to happen as far as the College Algebra class if I do get documentation for having a math disability. Maybe I don't have one. Maybe math is just my area of stupidity (along with misunderstanding social cues). But if it turns out that there's some reason that I'm actually unable to do this class, what exactly does accommodation look like? I've already tried the tutors, different teachers, just about everything. The only thing I can think of that would really help is to be allowed to bring a paper or index card with the math formulas that I reliably forget as soon as the text anxiety hits me...and frankly that sounds unlikely. If I had that, I could pass the first three tests and possibly do OK on the midterm. The tests after the midterm are when my inability to comprehend logarithmic and exponential functions would doom me- those would be a loss but since all the test scores get averaged out, I would need to at least try. Even a score of 25% or 33% is better than a big fat 0. The final exam...I would be able to do about half the problems and if I were careful, I could get a 50% on that. If the instructor curves the scores....I might get a higher grade. I'd also have to do really well on the homework in order to pass the class...possibly just barely.

Ugh....I hate feeling stupid. But what I am getting at is....maybe I shouldn't take both classes. :-/
The other class I was waitlisted for, Developmental Psychology, opened I took it. The thing is that I don't have the book (unlike Western Art History) and I haven't failed this class before (unlike Western Art History), so I am going to need to get a (used!) book if I keep this class and even if (when) I get an A, it won't bump my GPA up as much as the other class would have. However, I do think that this class will be more interesting, worthwhile and relevant to my everyday life than the Western Art History...which frankly was surprisingly dull.

Also....I am not going to be able to buy a spinning wheel if I take this class. Ah well...priorities.

Friday, January 06, 2012

More neuro-psych eval stuff today: evaluated for ADHD and started on the IQ test. She says that I did really well, but I'm still a little stressed over it. I do not want my score to drop any further (lost 6 points the last time- my friend still thinks this is ridiculous for me to be upset about, lol). Apparently I have four more hours of testing to go.

A confession: despite the anxiety of doing less well, I love this kind of testing (well, except for those horrible number tests). It's so much fun....especially the matrix reasoning (?) and those little cubes that get arranged to make patterns. This test carries so much more weight than most of the college exams that I freak out over (to the point of forgetting pretty much everything).....but it's so enjoyable. Yeah, OK, so I'm a bit odd. :-P

In fact...the test actually made the whole day pleasant. LMAO... I have no good explanation for this!
Dear Men,

Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean that I am obligated to share it with you. Whining about having a very lonely penis who is tired of Madame Palm is not going to help your case. When I said that I'm not dating right now I meant it, and yeah, that does include pity fucks. Even if I were feeling together enough to be on the market, I would want someone who could respect me and comprehend simple boundaries. If my dog can understand the word "no", I don't think it's a lot to ask of a human.

That is all.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

There are all sorts of irrational and embarrassingly emotional things that I'm fighting back the urge to say. I can only say that every day is becoming a struggle to stay afloat, that I am having dreams where I've succumbed to the urge to pick up the phone and disappointed in myself for not having been able to refrain from that. In all honesty I think the main deterrent is the terror that if I did, you might actually answer, instead of the ever so predictable and oddly reassuring voicemail message. Now I'm laughing because that is so bizarre and sad....

I think the most frightening thing about this whole thing has been that I no longer know what to believe, what to trust, what's true, what isn't, what stays the same, what changes, and least of all, my own perceptions, memory, etc. I just don't have any faith or sense of security in myself that anything that I know or knew or heard or thought is trustworthy or valid. And that really, really scares me.

I mean, for example. I am pretty sure you said you didn't hate me, that you weren't mad at me. I think you did. Other people have told me that this is correct, so unless I've also imagined that, I can be fairly certain of this. But dammit, you look and act like you're angry at me and so then I have to turn inside myself and ask: are my perceptions and abilities to read social cues misleading me, or were you not angry then and are now? I don't know. I blink back to the email briefly enough to reflect, but not very long because it still hurts like a knife in my heart every single time it reads itself to me in my mind. And in that second, the overall tone sounds like you really, really hate me. Maybe you changed your mind. I don't know. What did I do? What could I have done that's so horrible it couldn't be atoned for somehow, that you'd still be angry at me for? And the panic bells start ringing and my mind starts racing around trying to find the answer, but I know that there won't ever be one. I cannot ask, but even if I could, I don't think you'd tell me so there's no point. I guess I can think of reasons why you might have been annoyed or exasperated with me at times, but not for this long, and I am trying so, so hard and still.

But I don't think I've done anything horrible. And now, thinking about it...I've never pissed anyone off badly enough to make them shun me for nearly a year without knowing why. If I screw up that badly, I generally have a very clear idea of exactly what I did.


Maybe you aren't mad at me.

Maybe I shouldn't take it personally. Or I could try not to, anyway.

Maybe I should stop hating on myself for whatever I might have done, for the things I wish I could be and am not.

Maybe I should try to take every day of silence as a gift, but I don't have that much faith in myself or in life.

The one certain thing that I can say here is that what I have been doing isn't that productive. Obviously another mental approach is called for.

I sort of wish that I could go somewhere without calendars, without access to the outside world for a few months. But with children that isn't really an option.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I got my fleece (and a half) in the mail today. I haven't opened up the box yet. I spun the alpaca fiber (the huacaya kind). It was a dream to work with.

And all day at work I put on a happy face.

But...there is no color in my life, in my heart. I don't know why I write here. Nothing that I think or feel or hurt or want or dream matters. And if that sounds all pouty, I don't mean it that way. It's just...I'm nothing. I don't matter.

But who hides from nothing? Who slams the door in the face of nothing? So, I am not really nothing. I am something, something kind of awful maybe. And I am afraid to find out what this awful thing that I am might be....because you're a good person, a reasonable person. You wouldn't act this way towards somebody unless there was a good reason for it.

And the a part of me, growing ever fainter by the day, says, "wait a minute! You cannot define your self worth and identity on the basis of someone else's actions and reactions." But see, these are just words, just thoughts, concepts. They don't fly very far in the face of real life playing out in front of you, telling you the opposite, again and again. Truth hurts.

Monday, January 02, 2012

The furnace is working again and the house is warm. Yay!

I finished spinning all the Blue Faced Leicester roving and am going to do the light brown huacaya alpaca roving next, because I will go past the store I bought it at on Friday. If it is knock-my-socks-off wonderful, I might get some more, because it is very affordable. And on Thursday I get to go to the handspinning group! :-) I learned today that a beautiful shade of blue dye can be obtained from the water left over from soaking black beans. They are in the kitchen soaking already, ha. Will make a chicken tamale pie tomorrow and some of the beans could conceivably go into that.

I have been so much into cooking and my appetite isn't really into eating. In the past 5-6 weeks, I've lost about 12-13 lbs. At first this was cause for delight, but when it got down to 117 and losing weight at the rate of a pound every 2-3 days, I began to get worried. So I've been eating nice cheeses that would usually be too fatty, German sausages and other stuff and now it seems to have stabilized... It is nice to be able to fit into my favorite jeans again, but on the other hand, I don't want (blush) Ah, vanity.....

It has been a reasonably good weekend. I am now dreading going to work tomorrow. I do NOT want to see that co worker again. I try to remind myself that she has good traits, everyone has good traits....but just thinking about having to deal with her for 5 hours sent my heart pounding, and not in a good way. She acts sickeningly sweet when the manager is there and delivers nasty snide remarks when the room is relatively deserted. She probably has positive attributes but I do not like her and I hate the obnoxiously sweet fakery even more than the putdowns. It is SO PHONY. I hate that. Please, folks. Be honest with me. Be direct. Don't play little head games.

In the end, after writing all that, it comes down to the same thing again: I am not looking forward to going to work in the morning....particularly since we have a team meeting.
Sigh. The college I go to, NIC, forces us to use Microsoft Outlook for all college related email. If you have a class waitlisted, they send that information to your Outlook email address. You have 24 hours (I think?) to register for the class once they email you, and if you don't, they take you off of the bleeping waitlist.

I missed the class I was waitlisted for by a day and a half. I am pissed. WHY are they unable to send this information to the email address that I actually use? Why is this not an option? I refuse to check the flipping Outlook address that I never use, every single day. This sucks.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

It's interesting how one tends not to appreciate things such as a working furnace (or running water, working plumbing, electricity, etc) until it ceases to function. My, my, it's cold.

When there is a threat of a hard freeze and the trees are about to bloom, sometimes the orchardist sprays them with water so that the entire tree is covered in ice. When water freezes, it generates heat and that heat is enough to keep those buds protected.

Sometimes I feel that way, like my heart is covered in ice and bristling with icicles. But underneath that hard, cold shell.....I am so vulnerable, and my small and tender leaves wrap protectively around the thought of you.