Monday, January 02, 2012

The furnace is working again and the house is warm. Yay!

I finished spinning all the Blue Faced Leicester roving and am going to do the light brown huacaya alpaca roving next, because I will go past the store I bought it at on Friday. If it is knock-my-socks-off wonderful, I might get some more, because it is very affordable. And on Thursday I get to go to the handspinning group! :-) I learned today that a beautiful shade of blue dye can be obtained from the water left over from soaking black beans. They are in the kitchen soaking already, ha. Will make a chicken tamale pie tomorrow and some of the beans could conceivably go into that.

I have been so much into cooking and my appetite isn't really into eating. In the past 5-6 weeks, I've lost about 12-13 lbs. At first this was cause for delight, but when it got down to 117 and losing weight at the rate of a pound every 2-3 days, I began to get worried. So I've been eating nice cheeses that would usually be too fatty, German sausages and other stuff and now it seems to have stabilized... It is nice to be able to fit into my favorite jeans again, but on the other hand, I don't want (blush) Ah, vanity.....

It has been a reasonably good weekend. I am now dreading going to work tomorrow. I do NOT want to see that co worker again. I try to remind myself that she has good traits, everyone has good traits....but just thinking about having to deal with her for 5 hours sent my heart pounding, and not in a good way. She acts sickeningly sweet when the manager is there and delivers nasty snide remarks when the room is relatively deserted. She probably has positive attributes but I do not like her and I hate the obnoxiously sweet fakery even more than the putdowns. It is SO PHONY. I hate that. Please, folks. Be honest with me. Be direct. Don't play little head games.

In the end, after writing all that, it comes down to the same thing again: I am not looking forward to going to work in the morning....particularly since we have a team meeting.

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