Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Got a lot of work done in ceramics class. Well, wait.....not a *lot* of work...I finished my hatchetfish, only to realize, after I got back to Sandpoint, that I forgot the dangling thingamabob on his head. LOL...oh well. I thought it looked kind of....phallic, anyway. :-P

And teapots!!!!! Let me tell you, I will never again look at a teapot in the same way after seeing one made. That bulbous spout taking shape on the wheel, has to be pointing at just the right angle, etc...and pulling the handle looked exactly'm sorry, the whole teapot thing just seems obscene to me anymore.

OK...where was I.....dragging my mind reluctantly out of the gutter....

Oh, right, pottery. I made a coffeecup, handbuilt, a cool vase form with ribbons of 3-D kelp swirling around it, and rolled out slabs of clay to stiffen up a little bit to the leather hard stage, because I have a plan for them. I spent about an hour finishing the fish though, making his teeth *just* right, which included ripping out the first set so that I could make better teeth which were set individually. It looks really good.

Tonight's reading: Gaia's Garden. :-)

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