Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today...I made..let's see. What did I make?

A bowl (size and shape for cereal or soup)
A bowl with a paper thin feathered edge.
All the components for a teapot- have to assemble it on Monday

And I started on another ugly fish. I'm not happy with it right now, even though it has a mouthful of teeth and I am trying a new type of eye. Need to start constructing the head differently. Right now I cut two fish body shapes from clay and join them together with paper in between to hold the shape. The head is simply a continuation of the body. This is problematic because this means that the head has a seam running from forehead to chin. Then when I cut the mouth, it's even weaker. Smoothing the seam and everything else to try to get an even thickness in the head and inner mouth (which shows, because the mouths gape open) is difficult. Then I have to put the lips onto the cut that is the mouth, being especially careful of the corners. If I insert teeth, there is a tendency for the mouth to tear if I'm not careful. So the head now has a big slice out of it with weight hanging on that cut, a seam intersecting that cut above and below....and then I cut the eye holes, weakening it further...and then I cut the gills.

This give me a head that is basically a continuation of the body. It's just staring straight ahead. Unless I mount it on a platform or hang it, it has to be mounted on a wall like a taxidermied you only see one side of the head, only half of its expression. That bothers me, it's too restrictive.

I am thinking that if I make the head separately from pieces so that the bisecting seam is eliminated and the cut is simply an open section of seam, the head will be stronger and I can turn it towards the viewer. Thsi is what I did with "Ugly", the brown fish below. Hmmm. Thinking...

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