Monday, November 29, 2010

I finally got in to school and got a good look at my glazed (finished) pieces, the bisqued (half finished) and some of the greenware (not even bisqued yet) pottery. My work sucks. It's not good. I hate most of it.

And the one piece I was excited about, my goat teapot, someone broke one of the horns (which functioned as the handle) off! It is bone dry and I cannot attach a new one. Color me sad. :-(


Anonymous said...

So, are you saying the tea poured from the goat's ass?

Heh, I want to see a picture!

chamoisee said...

No, dummy, it poured from the goat's open mouth. Or was supposed to, anyway. It hasn't been bisqued yet, which is why it was so fragile.

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