Sunday, March 04, 2012

Back from helping with shearing. Actually, I mostly helped feed animals and skirt fleeces this time....and helped with gates. Think I am falling in love with alpacas...even though one spit at me. They make this endearing noise, like a sort of sad hummy whining sound. In exchange for helping (I guess- I don't think I really helped very much) she (the lady I was helping) gave me an alpaca fleece. I picked one that's a nice milk chocolate brown color; not only is this fleece a really nice color, it's also very soft, softer than many of the other fleeces. She said that it is too soft for her taste, because it doesn't card well in the machines she has. I hand card, so this isn't an issue for me and I love the extra softness.

It isn't that the other animals aren't nice to be around....the angora goats, the sheep, the dogs, cats, llama, etc....but there's something about those alpacas.

I have enough wool to keep me busy for months now. :-)

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