Monday, January 07, 2013

Tired, cold. Van got stuck downhill when I managed to slide front end first into the ditch near my parking spot. Shoveled, tried all sorts of things to get unstuck, shoveled more, the Schwan man stopped and helped me and we made progress but was still stuck, and then another guy came and pulled me out. Geez!

Anyway, I found an entire banana box full of stuff I couldn't find and was upset about. What kind of stuff? Shetland wool, Icelandic wool, kid mohair yarn, some Irish roses I'd crocheted up to go with the mohair yarn, lots and lots of fiber! It's a bit silly but this put a positive spin on the day. I was not being very successful in avoiding obsessing about where that stuff had gone; had been bugging me for several weeks as I wanted some of the stuff in there to work on projects.

I need to find something to do; work, a job, school, find a place in town that can function as a studio, a place that I can farm.....something. It has gotten to where my boyfriend is my primary happy spot in life, the main thing I look forward to. This isn't healthy and it's an unfair burden for anyone. Have to find a balance, other areas of happiness and gratification. Also, frankly, it's kind of a waste to not do anything with myself. Hopefully that doesn't sound self-centered... :-/

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