Friday, March 23, 2012

More specifically, I'm helping my sheep shearer friend, who's selling wool, spinning wheels and I have no idea what else, at this event. Because growing and selling wool (and maybe shearing sheep, but that is starting to look less likely) is one of the things I've seriously considered getting into, this is an excellent opportunity for me. I get to shadow an experienced person and get a feel for whether this is something I could do, and something that I could make enough money to live on with.

Meanwhile....I am still pretty intrigued by alpacas. I inter-library loaned a serious alpaca book, one that's almost like a textbook. The alpaca that grew the fleece I chose (because it was one of the softest!) is in danger of being made into dog food (because his very soft fleece won't card up well on mechanical carders)! I really, really wish that I had a place to keep him. The thought of an animal with such a luscious fleece turning into dog food breaks my heart. But this lady uses big carding machines, so if the fleece doesn't work well in that context, I guess he's sort of worthless to her. :-(

If I hurried and found a rural place to live.....get real. That is not likely. :-(

So, soon the work part of this adventure begins.....nice!

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