Saturday, March 10, 2012

The neuro-psych eval is now finished.

I do have a math learning disability, which is such a relief to know for sure. It isn't that I'm stupid or that I wasn't trying hard enough or due to a simple lack of interest (people have suggested all these things in relation to my lack of success with math). I am probably not going to be able to go to medical school (not a big surprise at this point).

On the other hand, I got all of my points back plus a few on the IQ test. :-) It is nice to have a self esteem/ego boost at a time like this.

And she is officially diagnosing me with ADHD (I would suspect the inattentive type, but not sure?) along with reaffirming the Asperger's dx. Again, it is nice to know that the attention issues were not due to laziness or any number of other character flaws, as people have repeatedly, persistently pounded into me (sometimes in a literal sense) over the years.

Also she recommends a therapy dog. I have reluctantly decided to rehome the dog that I have (Bebe) with my neighbor, because she is constantly running off to be with that neighbor. While I love her, the bond between us has never been quite what I would have liked for it to be. She and my neighbor adore one another and I'm tired of fighting that.

So...I'll be looking for a dog that's a better match. I've had a lot of Border Collie-Australian Shepherd crosses and have never had one that I was unhappy with. Except for one purebred Border Collie female and Bebe, my dogs have always been male, so probably the dog will be male. Newfoundlands are another breed whose personality (calm, gentle, loyal, quiet) also appeals to me. I really like German Shepherds when they have been correctly bred and raised for a well balanced possibly some German Shepherd blood would be OK in a cross, probably not a purebred though. The Aussie/Border Collie cross would still be my first choice if I can find one though.

There are other details from the whole neuro-psych eval thing....don't feel like going into it all right now though, particularly online and in public.

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