Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Spring is rapidly progressing into early summer. The lilacs are blooming wildly...and I still haven't planted much more than onions and flowers. I drove to Sandpoint with a friend today; among other places, went to the library and returned a _very_ overdue book, and checked out some music...Garfunkel.Would rather have gotten Simon and Garfunkel, but there wasn't much time to hunt around. It's OK- but to be honest, I prefer the rather cynical, bittersweet tones of Elton John. I guess the reluctantly romantic nature of his music resonates...Or perhaps like art, what we hear is different for each person, subjective I mean.

Done with Children of Dune, right to the last sentence it was the same; the women were conniving and manipulative, and the men were courageeous, self sacrificing heroes. I did enjoy the books though, they had many other interesting thoughts and perspectives to consider. Now I'm reading about Salvador Dali. This man was truly bizarre...and I'm not referring to his work! Georgia O'Keefe seems mundane by comparison, even Vincent Van Gogh seems sane in light of Dali!

There is a goat show coming up this weekend- possibly the only one I'll attend this year. I've been getting ready for that, primping the girls (the goats). It's a little odd that I should devote such attention to a caprine beauty show, someone who has such disdain for the human equivilant. First, they all get pedicures, then, a body shave to make them sleek and beautiful- no bearded ladies here!! Then a bath, and collars that look more like necklaces. Of course, there's also poise; and sometimes my does disappoint me in this regard. They get stage fright, or simply rebel and flip out, or the prima donna decides she's had enough and lies down: in the show ring! I haven't had much time to work with them so I'm anticipating a few hitches. Hopefully they won't embarrass me too badly. And now for something totally unrelated- I figured out how to get the gophers out of the flowerbeds: pour milk down the holes. Have tried water, ashes from the woodstove, and good sized rocks, none of which worked. I guess they don't care for milk!

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