Monday, May 19, 2003

Sprite died yesterday. She was my favorite doe, a caprine alter ego of sorts I suppose. She left three daughters and a son behind, which is nice...but they're not the same. Anyway- what else have I been doing: we went to a library book sale and bought and checked out a bunch of books. The present reading list includes, but is not limited to: Dune Messiah (not sure yet if I like this one as well as its predecessor), The Disposessed (Ursula Le Guin), (interesting, but at times I get the sense that the author is using the book to tout her personal beliefs which is somewhat of a turnoff), Odd John by Olaf Stapledon(also interesting, but the main character is portrayed as heartless in a reptilian way- why are intelligent and eccentric people stereotyped as being cold and impassive? Does a lack of effusive emotion make one cruel and unfeeling? I don't think so. ), color theory (blue is the opposite of yellow? really?), Physics for Everybody, and Japanese Gardens and Floral Art.(It also goes into Japanese asthetics in the home, which is inspiring. And as you may be able to tell from the rocks, the Asian standard of beauty resonates with me). There are several other oil painting books as well.

And, another former friend has apparently shunned me for holding different viewpoints than her own on religious matters. This is new?? I don't know why it isn't enough for people to hold their own convictions and beliefs; why is it necessary that everyone else agree with them too? No wonder there are so many religious persuasions, and each one seems convinced that theirs is the only way...Reminds me of the old story about the blind men and the elephant, except that people tend to put what they call G-d into a human context,ie to make it more human and like themselves than it may be. I've encountered this shunning business several times now in Christian circles, and I have to say it seems a little self defeating. It doesn't accomplish anything but to insulate them from outside influences. Do they really find freedom of thought that threatening? Whatever....

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