Friday, May 05, 2006

An excerpt from today:

7 year old daughter looking through cake decorating book with brother: Daniel, do you like this cake?

son: No.

daughter: It looks like a circus! Don't you like it?

son: No.

daughter: Why not? Don't you like circuses?

son: No.

daughter: Why not, Daniel?

son (somewhat frustrated): It has clowns on it!!

daughter: Don't you like clowns?

son: No.

daughter: Why not? Why don't you like clowns? Don't you want a cake with clowns on it?

son: No.

daughter: Why not?

Son: I don't like clowns.

daughter: You don't like clowns? Why not? Clowns are nice!

Son (yelling): They're not nice, they're FUNNY!!!

LOL...I agree with him...I don't like clowns, either. And it is their eerie gaiety that disturbs me the most. The sad clowns don't bother me at all.

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