Monday, May 08, 2006

Waxing nostalgic and homesick....

I could buy and stock bird feeders until the stores ran out of stock...and never see a cardinal...although I might see cedar waxwings, which are almost as nice.

I could drive all day, and I won't see any cornfields..or soybeans, either.

I could search the forests and yards and edges of parking lots in vain- no mulberries.

I've yet to see a Farm and Fleet store here.

I could lay awake all night long outside, all summer long, and not see even a single firefly, ever. Once I thought I did see one, a few years ago, and I got really excited...but it turned out I was mistaken.

And even though milkweed doesn't grow here, I could plant it. It wouldn't matter, though...the monarch butterflies with their cool striped caterpillars wouldn't visit the plants.

Yeah, I'm homesick

After all these years. After busting my butt to get here and to stay here, I miss the midwest. I'm trying to tell myself that if I were there, I'd be missing all the great things that we have here that simply don't exist there. I guess that as we get older, we sort of miss what we grew up with.... :-/

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