Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm depressed and pissed off. :-/ It's my workplace again.

There is a girl at work who excels at looking cute and innocent while doing the absolute least amount of work she can possibly get away with, as slowly as possible. She smiles serenely as she works at her very leisurely pace, oblivious to the tension and chaos she is creating when we have to pick up her slack. Imagine our irritation when she proudly and smugly announces that she has received a $1.00 raise (unheard of among us) for being such a good worker! WTF?!!!! Then she adds the nice little morsel: she is going to receive another .50 raise at summer's end. We are all gnashing our teeth and agreeing that this is exactly why our boss admonishes us not to discuss our wages. I haven't had a raise in over a year, and it isn't so much the monetary element that bugs me, so much as the idea that they must not be very happy with me. I work so damned hard and consistently try to improve upon my performance, and this is just very hard to take....I would be delighted with something like, "I see that you're doing a good job, thanks", but no such thing is forthcoming. That raise would have been better spent on almost any other worker in our isn't that I think I deserved it, because frankly, I know damned well that I don't deserve that kind of a raise, but neither does she.

Last night I realized that ultimately, it's their own danged business how they spend their money. I have no right to be disgruntled about whether or not she got her raise. I just wish she'd shut up about it. With that in mind, I resolved to go to work with a better attitude about this, and just put her stupid raise out of my head. I tried, I really did.....

Today didn't make it very easy, though.

Have you ever noticed there there are girls who can do half the amount of work and just look cute and innocent and still come out smelling like a rose, while the others take the heat? I have no idea how they pull this off. I sort of wish I knew, but I'd be too proud and stuck up to do it even if I did.... ::sigh::
I just hate it that people (especially guys) fall for this B.S. My sister was exactly that way. I thought I'd be done with this crap when I left home and got away from her......

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