Thursday, November 09, 2006

I've been seriously out of line. Too crabby, too irritable, too bitchy, too quick to blame people. Maybe I'm just over-stressed. I should find a better way of dealing with the stress, maybe working out at the gym, or meditation, or perhaps if I take up dancing again.....or maybe the St John's wort.

All I ever seem to do is to either work at work or drive around pickign kids up and working at home while they scream and fight and make messes, or sit and listen to Tim telling me why we should get back together while I look at the messes and feel miserable for standing there listening to him instead of cleaning. There is absolutely nothing fun in my life unless I can manage to have fun at work. Pathetic.

My ear is fine. There's a little fluid behind it, but most of the problem is apparently due to TMJ. In other words, the joint of my jaw is right up there next to my ear, and it's inflamed or sore, and it's so close to the ear that I mistook it for an earache. The doctor said that he sees 2-3 people a week with the same problem- they think they have an ear infection, but it's TMJ instead. My mom has TMJ, and I had trouble with it as a teen. My jaw still gets very sore easily and even threatens to dislocate under certain types of stress. So that's all it is.

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