Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shit. BF got drunk again (after nearly a year of staying sober). Looks like I'm probably going to be single again. Back to 7 day workweeks. Got to love alcoholism. Fact of the matter is, I just don't think there is an easy path through life (and at times, I wonder why people mind getting sick and dying so badly- I mean, sure it's painful, I missing something here?).

Which reminds me: I saw the movie Children of Men recently. I think the movie portrays with some accuracy what the world would be like without children. The primary reason people behave ethically when there is no fear of a god or of retribution is because they have children. Why not trash the earth? Because the next generation should know what brids are, they should be able to walk through a forest and pick the flowers and chase the butterflies as we did in childhood. Why not nuke it all? The children. The drive to reproduce and to preserve the future for the carriers of our genetic material is incredibly strong. In a very real sense, I think it is the reason for our existence.

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