Wednesday, June 27, 2007

:Relief: The book has been found. I should hurry and read all of it before it gets lost again. Ever notice how boring, non-essential, or superfluous items never seem to get lost? They just clutter space up. For example, if I am non-menstrual, the odds are extremely good that I will find tampons in every crevice of the bathroom, every drawer in my bedroom, in the basket on top of the microwave, in the glove box and (never used) ashtrays in the car, in my baskets of seashells, desk of art supplies, and on various windowsills throughout the house. It's almost as if they breed and place themselves in ideal locations for embarrassment in case anyone ever be brave enough to come and visit me. However, should I commence hemorrhaging with the only clean pair of work pants I have, they will all vanish abruptly. That's right. I swear they feel threatened and scurry off to hard to access places so that you have to go to the store and buy an entire box of companions for them. LOL.

More Murphy's law: so far, I have had the following parts replaced on my car in the past 2-3 weeeks:
  • right front axle
  • tie rods
  • spark plugs and wires
  • fuel filter
  • air filter
  • rear wheel bearing
  • rear brakes
  • calipers for rear brakes
In the past year, I have replaced the gas tank, the battery, the alternator and the tires. And now, guess what? Having just fixed the brakes, the master cylinder went out! Just my luck, heh. I have to laugh because really, what else can I do? I'm just thankful that the master cylinder didn't go out while I was driving the van with the children in it. Also, I am becoming somewhat nervous about something in the engine going bad. And the thing of it is, this vehicle is only 11 years old! It's the nicest car I've ever had and the thing is falling apart every other day.

Horticulture: Yesterday I planted St John's wort (ornamental, though possibly useful medicinally), a European hazelnut, another kniphofia, 2 columbines, and a heuchera. I've decided where to site the Japanese Maple, but will wait on that until fall. The maple has already had a disadvantaged life and I don't want to stress it out too badly by planting it in midsummer. The only reason I was willing to transplant the hazelnut was that it was an absolute steal ($16 for a 4 foot tree/shrub), and was ball and burlap, so more prone to drying out if left unplanted. I also am guilty of deeply coveting a lovely gingko biloba that was 40% off. The original price was $49.99, so even at 40% off, that's still, what? some $30? Also, I don't have any place to put it.

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