Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No sleep. OK, that's not quite true. Somewhere between midnight and 1:30 am I seem to have dozed off, thanks largely to Hunter (the biggest cat), who has a habit of either curling up next to me or on my chest and purring contentedly. Slash (smallest, most affectionate kitten-also the most playful and athletic!) joined the (feline!) love fest after I awoke. I said at one time that when I moved into my own place in the country, I was going to have outdoor animals only- no animals in the house! That truly was my intention. The dogs only come in to visit or when injured, etc. The cats were supposed to be strictly outdoor cats for mousing.....because here's the deal about animals: if you let them in part of the time during the winter, they don't grow a thick, warm coat. If you bring an outdoor animal indoors, it will start to lose it's thick winter coat. It has to be one or the other in winter at least...and it's getting cold so I need to make up my mind! Slash will probably be an indoor cat for this winter at least; Hamilton has been "playing" with him and slobbering all over him, which could be hazardous in really cold weather. Until he gets bigger, he'll be safer inside.

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