Thursday, February 28, 2013

My house has been out of commission for two weeks now and I have have no clarity on where to go from here.
  • I could go back to it the way it is now, without an operational wood stove, and tough it out. The main problems here are that I'd have to buy propane or eat cold food and forgo tea,coffee and warm water. Also being able to get there. Possible modeling job coming up would solve these problems...short term.
  • I could rally the forces around me (as if, haha..) and get the place fixed.....maybe. It could still get foreclosed on in May, no guarantees yet.
  • I could do.......something????
  • One thing is clear: I have to find work, and soon...

Why am I ever cursed with not belonging, regardless of where I go and what I do? Honestly, I don't care about money....I just want to belong, to love and feel safe, to create and grow, to nurture and be held. Why has life got to be so complicated, why are these simple goals and pleasures so elusive?

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