Tuesday, February 05, 2013

There is no justice in this world. Everything depends on money. People/corporations with power and the cash to back it up get away with whatever they damned well please. It's so wrong. I feel so small, so impotent in the face of all the wrong things that happen, all the injustice.

Life is not fair. But the question I have for you today, dear readers, is this: Where did humankind come up with the concept of justice or fairness, since it's an ideal that's never actually existed in full? One doesn't have to observe nature for very long to conclude that it's not fair, either, so it didn't come from there.

Are juatice and fairness natural, sustainable ideals and goals to have? Why does injustice possess us with such indignation and rage, when it's much more the status quo than not?

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