Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have a place to live now, located such that my children are able to interact with me on a regular, daily basis. Also, I can keep my dog and the cats here, and can get chickens, possibly even goats, although I haven't broached the goat question yet. This is primarily because after my farmsitting escapade, I'm not certain that goats are something I want to deal with every day, although I'd probably have Angora goats, which don't have to be milked twice a day, every 12 hours, 305 days per year. OK, so that's not quite fair. You don't have to milk dairy goats that often or for that much of the year, but the fact remains that if you have dairy animals, you end up being at least as committed to them as you would be to any human spouse, possibly moreso.

I have at long last been able to get my handmade items listed on Etsy, in hopes of generating income. Currently ten items are listed and none of them have sold, but to be fair, most of these items are poorly timed for the season- wool scarves and crocheted cotton hats. Instead of sitting at my laptop, drinking my coffee, trying really hard to wake up, I should be making more merchandise. Hmmm...

So, speaking of Etsy and wool and such stuff, I want to start using only natural, plant based dyes for my products. I don't know if the chemical used in standard dyes are toxic or not, but what I can say is that the directions always say to wear gloves, take precautions, etc... Mostly, I'd just like to be as involved as possible in the products I make, to be able to say for certain what was used and where it came from.

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