Sunday, November 24, 2013

This blog appears to no longer be in the location posted, but what is written at that link is still highly relevant and well articulated. I resonate very strongly with most of what I've read so far.... Like....I don't like to be touched without warning or being asked, generally speaking. So I try to be considerate and always ask my partner if I may touch him. It's just second nature. Except, he doesn't want to be asked, it seems subservient to him rather than polite. But.....sometimes I am sensory-hungry and he doesn't want to be touched....and how will I know if I don't ask... How? Probably body language, which is hard for me to read. However, my partner is patient and if I am able to read people at all, I can probably read him better than most folks. Still, it's an ongoing quandary in my mind....

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