Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Current music: Art Garfunkle- ' I believe'. Not sure that I do believe that, but it's still a nice song.

Current goings on: the house goat, Syringa, is nestled between my feet. She's learned how to drink from a bucket, so I don't have to wash out bottle anymore. A friend dropped by and delivered 3 lbs of some of the best cheese I have ever sunk teeth into. It's blue goat cheese. Making pasta tossed with it for dinner. Several ducks have hatched out nests of eggs and are now swimmign out in the pond surrounded by downy little ducklings. I discovered this site thanks to a poster on the INTP list. It's pretty neat; you can add to entries (assuming you know something about the subject in question).

Current mood: I don't know. Thought I was upbeat, but the music makes me sad. :-(

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