Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Looks like it's going to rain this morning. There was a thunderstorm last night, with lightning striking pretty close to home. Was about to pick up the phone, when green sparks flashed out around it...hmm, maybe that call can wait...I advertised my goats for sale in the local newspapers with the intent to sell off about half of them. So far I've had one sale, a man who called, came out within hours, and bought Katydid. I had the feeling that I'd sold a friend for a mess of pottage, as though the money soiled my hand...I hate selling goats. Still, it's better than sending them to the sale barn, which I did earlier this year, knowing that most of them will be meat. Another person is coming out today, and sounds very nice. There are just too many goats here! I was milking 12 (by hand, twice a day) before Katydid left. Since I milk in pairs, selling her didn't reduce the time involved, her partner still has to be milked. It takes between an hour to an hour and a half for each milking. I am hoping to reduce numbers to 4-6 milkers, as well as selling off most of the kids.

I am still enjoying The Dispossessed. The author has many ideas which have validity and I wish could find reception in real life, beyond kibbutzim. Salvador Dali- after reading the entire book, it appears that Dali managed to maintain a rather precarious hold on his sanity, but that he dramatized and exploited his eccentricity for the sake of promoting his art. Meanwhile, a song from the Art Garfunkle CD (most of them are sweet, slightly sad, and haunting) keeps playing itself over and over in my mind. 'I only have eyes for youuuuu', until I begin to think that I too am losing my sanity. I haven't played any of it for the last few days, and when I did, I omitted that song, hoping it'd die out. Still it persists! The rain has begun, it looks to be a very wet day.

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