Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Life is better tonight (although somehow, everything is pretty much the same. It just doesn't bug me as much.) I did another watercolor, and this one turned out well. It wasn't the disembodied sort, for a change.

I sent in the entry forms for the fair, so it looks like I'll be taking about 16 goats for a four day vacation. Sort of...if you call camping out and showing dairy goats such. It'll be a *lot* of work. But, it'll be fun, I'm looking forward to it, as long as it goes better than the last show. That time, I was simply unable to do the amount of work necessary in order to give the girls a fair shot in the ring. Half of them were not clipped, and....there were a lot of things that went wrong. It was really embarrassing, and being a public performance made it worse. :shudder: I'll have to do better this time.

What else; I found two fairly amusing origami sites. This one is simply hilarious! If you're sensitive or prudish you should probably skip this. Honestly, I would never have guessed...lol! I like origami. It's cool. I've been meaning to make a mobile for my baby boy (Noah), with a variety of origami animals. I'll have to look around for some ideas. The ultra simple ones aren't any fun.

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