Sunday, August 10, 2003

Something lighter for a change. ;-)

Coral Castle
Luna Parc
Forestiere Baldasere

Three inspiring dwellings; They're all neat but I tend to prefer Baldasere's underground gardens.

Somewhat less inspiring: In my old home town, Harvard, Illinois (former milk capital of the world), they're going to build the nation's largest indoor water park. It'll be six stories tall and include a vaariety of other diversions. The site where it will be was formerly a Motorola plant, which I didn't find all that inspiring, either. I remember the area for corn and soybean fields and Holstein cows, not tourist traps. :-/ It could be worse: the Motorola plant can be seen easily from my Grandma's back yard. The last time I was there, she insisted on driving me to it and all around it (why??). She was quite proud of it. Then, it almost got turned into a state prison facility and she was pretty upset about that. So she's thrilled about the water park. Maybe I'll go visit it the next time I'm out there. Since it's there, you know (or will be).

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