Monday, October 23, 2006

While at the store paying for my routine morning latte:

Checker: "oh, I like your necklace! Did you get it from the gumball machine? That's where I got mine!"

Hers looks like hematite, but it isn't. It's plastic. I am a bit surprised that such a good imitation of hematite can be produced. I proceed to explain that actually, I made my necklace myself, and it's all real: freshwater pearls, rhodonite beads, and a jasper heart shaped pendant. Her personality is rather reflective. Not much sinks in, but she bounces a lot of enthusiasm and energy around. She goes on to tout the necklaces in the gumball machine.

I wouldn't wear plastic. I like things that are real. So it's a bit ironic and slightly irritating that even when I do wear real pearls and semi-precious gemstones, people assume that it is plastic!

Oh, whatever. I take life too seriously.

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