Saturday, March 02, 2013

Had yet another holocaust dream. I've had these dreams (nightmares) since I was a child, long before I ever heard about World War II. This time, I was one of three adopted children. Our parents loved us. I was wanted, I fit in, I was part of a family. These are feelings I have not known in my waking life. The sense of security was solid, real. But then..... Our father was a Nazi, and he was of a higher rank than some others...who were executing other children...children like us, except they hadn't been adopted. I was so conflicted and upset and afraid that we weren't safe that I was running away. At all times, my family was kind to me, I was loved...but seeing the blood of the other children spattered all over the other soldiers, the ones my father commanded, had filled me with such doom and fear that I felt compelled to flee. I couldn't understand how he could be so casual about these other children and have such a blind spot for the very same sort of children under his own roof.

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