Saturday, February 17, 2007

Early morning, half awake mutterings:

Soft contact lenses feel kind of slimy. I guess that they sort of have to, to be comfortable sitting on an eyeball all day long.

It really would make more sense to put the body lotion on before I get dressed, rather than reaching down into my shirt right with it right before I bolt out the door. Duh!

Colds: I think I've caught more colds this winter than the last 2 0r 5 winters put together. Fact of the matter is, I'm not even sure they're seperate colds. Maybe it's just the same damned bug morphing, receding, hanging out until I'm weak or depressed or tired or whatever before attacking me again, trying to make me lose time off work. And I really can't do that, call in sick, I mean. They don't tolerate it very well there, unless an arm or a leg falls off or something like that.

::OK, I have to get dressed for a minute, I have only about 20 minutes before leaving for work::

Maybe if I ate regular meals, I wouldn't get sick. Maybe if I ate more veggies and fruits, I wouldn't get sick. Fact is, I've been trying not to eat at all, because my weight is up past where I'd like it to be. Yeah, yeah, don't tell me about exercise. After running around in that deli all day long, picking up kids from daycare, and then cleaning the house, I don't have a lot of energy left for exercise. Maybe in the summer I can shed it by working in the garden and yard. Also, I can't run the way I used to, or bounce and jump around a whole lot, because of the hips. Be nice if they could come up with a good reason why my hips hurt in the first place. A good part of my ego was tied up with being physically fit and strong for my size, and now I feel like a feeble wimp. At least I still have my brains. I think that if I suffered brain damage, I would have to just off myself..... Deteriorating by degrees is just depressing. I don't think I want to grow old, not unless I have something worthwhile to do, or a companion or mate or at least a really good friend of some kind.

Oh. I splurged on some prismacolor penicls. Megan uses those. I wonder where she is...her blog is gone and I don't th ink she's even online anymore. I miss her. I can't find my set of watercolor pencils - can only conclude that someone stole them at work, since they were in my lockless locker. The watercolor pencils are too expensive for me to replace right now.

OK, I really have to go now.

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