Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Enough is enough. I'm just going to get worse and harder to live with if I don't change something. I've decided to look into taking the CNA classes, which are available locally. I don't particularly want to be a CNA, but I would settle for being a phlebotomist or a lab technician or something or possibly an R.N., and you have to start somewhere. I mean, ideally I would have a steady source of income coming in and could just go to college for a few years and concentrate on schooling, but that's just not going to happen. Ideally, I could have been a doctor, but there's no sense in sitting around bemoaning what could have been once upon a time. I'll work at it from the bottom up....if I can qualify for financial aid for these classes.

Also, I think I'm going to go back and visit my family this spring or summer. I need my roots, I feel marooned out here, and although I wish I could go and live back there, that isn't likely unless I could talk my ex into moving with me, so I'm stuck where I am for another decade or two. My grandmothers aren't going to last much longer, and they pretty much raised me in my early years. I need to go and see everyone and to refill my soul.

Lastly (completely unrelated to the above two topics) I'm planning on making a vegetable garden this year. It's about time to start the tomato seedlings in pots. This Friday when I get paid, I can get potting soil, soil amendments, haul some manure after I visit the goats, etc etc. Gardening is good exercise.

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