Saturday, March 12, 2011

Have to come up with ideas/plans for this year's market garden...and long term ideas/goals, etc. Thoughts:
  • I don't want to be saddled with things that spoil rapidly, such as raspberries or lettuce.
  • I also don't want things that are hard to grow organically, such as brussels sprouts.
  • I do not want to compete with agri-biz crops such as baking potatoes.
  • I am willing to put up with a degree of perishability, though, such as with strawberries, if they are easy to pick and can be frozen.
  • I prefer not to compete with other market gardeners, i.e. their main crops. If Joe Blow grows 2000# of garlic per year, I don't want to grow that. Why piss people off unnecessarily?
  • I would prefer to grow things that are not terribly labor intensive all season long, such as mesclun.
  • I would prefer to grow things which have a longer shelf life than many veggies, things which taste *great*, things which are high in aesthetic appeal, and some things which are not necessarily edible or are only merginally edible, such a giant pumpkins.


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