Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a short list compared to what I used to have. :-(
And if that still seems like a LOT of tomatoes, keep in mind that most of these are seeds that I've saved myself. In other words, I didn't just buy all these varieties.

Then I have.....


Painted Mountain
Roy's Calais


Bull's Blood
(what??? no Cylindra??)

Beans, peas, leeks, artichokes, radishes, cucumbers (need to get Boothby's Blonde), carrots, and various non-medicinal, non-edible flowers. Oh, and watermelons. I don't ever buy watermelons, so I have no idea how I ended up with 2 packets of watermelon seeds which will *not* grow here. I really like beets...once they're cooked, that is...especially the golden beets, because they have such a sweet, mild flavor. I love rutabagas too and wish I was better at growing them. They take over 100 days to grow!

ETA: bought okra! I love okra. :-)

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