Thursday, March 24, 2011

I saved my favorite crop for last!


Cucurbita pepo

Reve Scallopini...uh oh...this is a hybrid! Dang.
Fordhook Acorn
Zuchini Dark
Early Summer Crookneck
Italian Striped
Early White Bush Scallop
Triple Treat

Cucurbita maxima

Baby Blue Hubbard
Hokkaido Stella Blue
Red Kuri
Bitterroot Buttercup
Blue Hubbard
Golden Hubbard
Chicago Warted Hubbard
Latah Orange
Marina di Chioggia
Red Warty Thing (yes, that is its name!!)
Candy Roaster North Georgia
Galeux d'Eysines
Queensland Blue
Thai Kang Kob
Mini Red Turban
Pink Hubbard
Ellen's Admiration (this is my own seed strain)
Idaho Star??? (I hope to goodness that thsi really is...but the seeds look like hubbards)

Various types, or not sure of species...

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Harvest Blend mix
Rouge vif d'Etampes

Hmmmmm. I have no banana squash, and no buttercup. :-/
ETA: bought Buttercup seed....still have no banana squash. I can't find any!

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