Friday, October 31, 2003

A Nightmare

I dreamed a man- tall, thin, sinewy, midwestern farmer type, old enough to be my father.
He was OK, as a person, he seemed sort of like a father figure.
But then he started kissing me, didn't even ask, just grabbed.
And his lips were cold, thin, hard, intrusive.
Nothing tender or yielding about them.
And his tongue too, was tough, hard, demanding.
I struggled-
He didn't seem to notice at all.
Repulsed, still he dove in farther
until I felt I was being devoured alive
by that cold and sinewy tongue.
I gagged and choked
And he let me go at last.

All day has gone by
and still it haunts me...
ungainly arms and legs like wayward sticks.
I hope never to dream him again!

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