Thursday, July 13, 2006

==== Superman Returns ====

I've been an avid Superman fan since early childhood. I was the little girl who pined after superman underwear in vain (it was only available for boys) and who collected just about every other type of Superman parphenalia I could cajole my relatives into buying for me. I wanted desperately to marry Superman when I grew up and viewed Lois Lane with serious dislike.

Now I'm feeling sorry for her. This movie shoud be retitled, "Superman, the Deadbeat Dad".

There are a lot of little (and big) glitches in the logic throughout the movie. First of all, he's aware of everyone calling out for help, but he didn't hear his beloved's dismay at his disapearance, and even with his X ray vision, he was unaware of her pregnancy? Secondly, after getting laid by Superman, she immediately takes up with another guy quickly enough to deceive him into thinking the kid is his? I mean, this is Superman we're talking about here. His stamina and special abilities should be enough that no ordinary man would ever be able to compete with him.....but she forgets him, Bam! just like that. Not only does she forget him, but upon his return, she doesn't ditch the human guy, while almost any woman probably would, regardless of scruples, and frankly, Lois Lane doesn't have many scruples. After all, she cuckolded her mate and lied to him about the kid, walks right into private property and sneaks around, etc.... Honesty and behaving honorably just aren't strong points for her, except, apparently, in this case.

Then there's the kid. Superman can't tell this tyke is his? What happened with all his mind reading and whatnot? The boy has occasional super-human strength, but no mind reading ability whatsoever?

But the biggest disappointment as far as the plot goes is that Superman, with all his assets and abilities, doesn't even try to lend Lois a hand in the raising of his son. He's content to leave it to the poor fool who got suckered and to sneak in once in awhile to peer at his sleeping child, like some kind of a vampire, perching on roofs. Seriously, folks, this is the best that Superman can do? He can't keep his girl or parent his own kid? Or, is he just above it all, preferring to bask in the spotlight of public adoration?

Maybe his name should be Super-ego.

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