Saturday, July 01, 2006

Screw it. So what if they're mad? If I haven't done something obviously wrong or out of line and someone is still mad at me for whatever reason, that's their problem. Really, life's too short.....

I get mad at people all the time (usually for a very short time- irritated might be a better term) and people hardly ever care. I seriously doubt that other people lie awake at night worrying about whether I'm angry with them.


OK, well, it was an attempt, at stars and stripes....

It's getting close to the 4th of July, and not only are tempers flaring at work, but my kids are pestering me incessantly for fireworks. Here's the way I look at it:

A. Why should I work for hours under stressful conditions with lazy butts who make me look bad (no, I don't mean you) just to waste it for, at the most, ten minutes of cheap thrills and danger? My money and work going up in smoke!! Sorry kids, I don't have money to burn. Spend your own dough

B. Also, there are plenty of people all around me who apparently do have money to send up in smoke. Watcing their money burn is a lot more satisfyling than if it's mine, to be honest. I have no cost, no mess, no danger of singed fingers or injured children, and there are enough people doing this already that I can enjoy it for a lot longer than ten minutes.

Yeah, I spose that is selfish....but it's my money. I don't feel obligated to blow it on these reminiscences of bombs and gunshots.

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