Friday, August 18, 2006

Well, this is what I was going to write: That my heart is broken, that it's breaking, that my life is falling apart around me and I don't know why, that I'm tearing it apart with my own hands because it doesn't seem right, like a painting that's wrong, I just want to wreck it somehow so I can fix it and make it right this time.

Whiny bullshit.

I never drink, really, but I just downed a bottle of St. Pauli's girl (to give you an idea of how little I drink, I was feeling tipsy 1/3 of the way through the bottle) and now I feel fine, actually. Maybe not 100% coherent....

Did you know that beer has estrogen in it? Yeah, it does. It's why men who drink a lot of it get breasts and beer bellies- it's feminizing them- and why their manly parts also start to have trouble functioning well. Anyway, it's also really good for milk production...the estrogen comes from the hops.....and my production was falling.

Man, my bones, joints, and muscles don't hurt at all anymore, hardly. Still holding out for those boots, though....

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