Saturday, February 26, 2011

Had a good day hanging out with two of my sons, my friend and her son, and her goats! :-)

The Pink Floyd CD I not in, so I put a hold on it and got Cat Stevens instead. Actually I put a hold on a few things...but did not have the nerve to put one on the book I really wanted to read. I read it about 8 years ago and although it isn't for women, I still found it fairly informative and learned a lot from it....they have one for couple that I want to get my hands on, too....but the basic idea with any kind of tantra seems to be that you have to do the exercises and invest the time and work yourself in order to reap the benefits cooperatively.

And the other book I wanted had to do with Waldorf education. I am fascinated by Waldorf/Steiner stuff, from the schools, to Camphills villages to biodynamic gardening, and have seriously considered seeing what it would take to teach art in such a school...but every time I try to read one of these books, I get turned off by what seems like spiritual philosophy to about "astrality" and crap like that. I like what they do, a LOT....but the spiritual aspect is what scares me away from this lifestyle. I guess I feel that with what we already know exists, we have plenty to deal with and work with. There really isn't a need to speculate about other stuff when we don't utilize what we have or already know about. If I could get past that, I could totally see myself living and working at a Camphill Village. So my solution is to take what I do like from this school of thought and use that....I know it's cherrypicking, but the whole thing of packing cow manure into a cow's horn and burying it to get extra good compost for the garden by mixing a tiny bit of that with water.....that kind of thing just seems like a lot of hooey to me!

The turkey stew turned out incredibly well...mmmm.

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