Friday, July 01, 2011

Run away from the hurt, girl. Run fast, fill up the time with stuff and stress and people and things to see and places to go. Don't stop and don't rest, Fill your mind, your time up with things that you like, things to eat, things to do, things to watch and pay attention to, and try to fill your vision with a haze of happiness. Crowd it out like a child barricading a door with stuffed animals against the nameless horrors on the other side.

Because when you stop, when it finds you, it will gut you and leave you screaming in pain, pain that only you can see or feel. Pain that rends your soul and your heart in tatters and leaves your body an empty shell.

Don't look at him

don't see the way

that he looks right through you

right past you

as if you were the ghost

that you long to be.

Pretend with all your might.....

that you don't see him either.

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