Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trying really hard not to get profoundly depressed, and I'll be honest, it isn't easy. Then I think about where it's all heading, how to avoid being in this position, and the answers and solutions aren't at all comforting or reassuring. I can only hope to be wrong, to be pleasantly surprised. Try not to think about it, try not to hurt, try not to notice the obvious....

And on that note, my own forecast for the weekend:

Friday opens out with partly sunny skies, but towards the afternoon, a strong chance of thundershowers with a precipitous drop in temperatures, near freezing overnight.
Saturday, the weather is likely to get worse rather than better. 90% chance of continued thunderstorms with hail, freezing rain, sleet and cold winds. Better stay home if you can. Saturday late afternoon and evening, it may clear up, 50% chance of continued cold drizzle, remote possibility of sunshine and clearer skies.
Sunday will be warmer, sunnier than Saturday, but there's still a chance of Saturday's storm front blowing back into the area, so don't get too complacent!

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