Thursday, May 05, 2011

Listening to Rihanna's "Stupid in love".

Anyway....I want to start some kind of a sketchbook project, like a thing where I have to sketch or draw or doodle something every day. I need to build some kind of a structure or routine to make time for art in my life, otherwise the rest of the stuff crowds in on me and by the time I get done wading through it all, I'm exhausted. If I don't make it a prioritized component of my life, I am not going to get time for it.

And an aside: That grass fed hamburger from Winter Ridge is THE BEST HAMBURGER that I have ever eaten in my entire life!!!!! I mean, it is orgasmically good. I wish I had tried it sooner instead of wasting time and money on the petite sirloin steaks from Super 1. I was happy with them, never again. I never knew hamburger could taste like this. It is fantastic. It is so good, so so *good*. Man. Just thinking about it cheers me

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